January 24


General Information

Welcome to my Personal writing website. My name is Joyel. I am the owner and founder of Infotechnologist.biz and the Ninjakreborn Network. By trade, I am an IT professional. On the side, I enjoy a great deal of writing and various other personal hobbies/projects.

The purpose of this website is to share (and sometimes sell) various writing materials that I have created. I do a variety of writing, including but not limited to, Novels, short stories, creating worlds and world sets, blogging, songs, poetry, video game walkthroughs and reviews, movie reviews, comic walkthroughs and review, and a variety of other writing related materials.

On this site I will be presenting a variety of free materials, while other types of materials will be offered as pay per download and pay for access. There are a few other hobbies I may roll into this site as well, for example I might offer Applications on this site eventually as well. Look around and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions feel free to contact me through the contact form on this website.


I am a big fan of revision histories. I go back and update blog posts, stories, reviews, and so forth. I do fixes to spelling, and grammar. I do additions to text, and rewrite things to make them make more sense.  The site I built previously had a built in revision history, this one does now.  However, I have started adding “revision history” notes to the bottom of all pages and posts.  This revision history can be found at the bottom of ANY page that I have edited, and contains a running log of everything that was edited in the past.  Helps to see what content has changed or been updated.  I will continue to do this, even when I go back and make minor edits to old posts. Even things like novels, and short stories get edited from time to time.


I am always looking for new and helpful feedback about my writing, or how to make the site better. Feel free to contact me through the site at any time, about anything.

I update stuff that is listed on this site a great deal. Meaning I might post something on the site and then throughout the course of months and years I might update
that same content many times. This is the same for walk throughs, short stories, and even novels. There is nothing on this site that won’t be updated multiple times throughout the history. Anytime I am in the mood to work on older material I will review stuff, make it better, and make adjustments.

Copyright Information

Every single piece of content on this website (unless other wise stated) was authored by me. I was the original writer/creator of all the text on this entire website. The only exception is if I had some user submitted content, or someone requests me to post something. In those situation I will be very clear about this in notes at the top of that specific material. Please do not replicate, re-use, or repost any of my material anywhere else without my express permission. Thank you.

Version History


– Rewrote the “Version History” section. So it makes more sense, and is more in-line with what I am trying to do with this site.

Release Date:

– Initial Version