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Welcome to my writing and blog website Realm of Writing.

Anything I write or create will be published to this website. I write a variety of material like Blog posts, short stories, novels, songs, poetry, video game walkthroughs and reviews, comic reviews, and a variety of other writing material.

I am always looking for feedback and opinions about my writing, or the topics I write about. Feel free to leave comments, or message me through the site about anything.

Revisions and commenting system

I occasionally revise various things I’ve written in the past, including blog posts. Sometimes old posts get outdated with information, so as time allows I try to update them also. This makes reviewing older blog posts worth it, as most of the time I try to keep the information up to date.

Regarding comments, I have currently implemented two commenting systems into the site. Facebook comments, and WordPress comments below that. I plan on leaving these both implemented since some people don’t use Facebook.


I am always looking for feedback and opinions about my writing, or how to make the site better. Feel free to contact me through the site at any time, about anything.

Copyright Information

All content on this website (unless other wise stated) was authored by me. I was the original writer/creator of all the text on this entire website. The only exception is if I had some user submitted content, or someone requests me to post something. In those situation I will be very clear about this in notes at the top of that specific material. Please do not replicate, re-use, or re-post any of my material anywhere else without my express permission.

Another thing to mention is images that I use throughout my blog posts, and pages. I try to find images that are Creative Commons or not copyrighted for use on Realm of Writing. If you find any images that belong to you, are copyrighted, or you have a complaint about please contact me through the Realm of Writing contact form, and I will address it.

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  1. Ei eu sei que é off-topic, mas eu queria saber se você sabe de qualquer widgets eu poderia adicionar ao
    meu blog que automaticamente twittar meus mais novo twitter atualizações.

    Eu procurei por um plug-in assim por algum tempo e estava esperando
    que talvez você teria alguma experiência com algo assim.
    Por favor me avise se você executar em qualquer coisa. Realmente gosto de ler seu blog e aguardo ansiosamente suas novas atualizações.

  2. Muito bom post. Eu tropecei em cima seu blog e desejou falar isso tenho realmente desfrutado navegandoing ao redor suas postagens no blog.
    Em todo o caso eu vou estar assinando seu alimentar e eu espero que você escreva novamente em breve !

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