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Cloak and Dagger, new series

I am a major comics fan. I read comics a lot. I spend a great deal of time reading comics.  Comics/Video Games are two of my biggest hobbies.  One of my favorite comic book characters are Cloak and Dagger.  It’s just, I enjoy everything about the comic. I am a very big fan.  I have actually collected and read through every single one of the cloak and dagger comics.  From the very first comic, until they stopped making their series. On top of that, I have read every single extra comic that was written, including their guest appearances.

On the side, I have been reading through every X-Men that was ever made. I am still fairly early in the series (back when the storyline about Storm/Illyana and magick
were going on.  So right now I have just started reading the new series of cloak and dagger. Currently, I have just read the first one.  It was good, but there were a lot of things I did not understand. Since I have not gotten that far in the X-Men. There are a lot of X-Men characters I do not currently recognize. I noticed a lot of other things that bothered me (no wolverine), I have no idea what happened to some of the characters. I don’t really want to know, but when I get there I will find out for myself in the X-Men series.

Anyway, now onto the point of this post. I want to point out my thoughts about the new comic of Cloak and Dagger.

Thoughts – Cloak and Dagger

My overall thoughts about the new series was good. The relationship between them still seem to be strong.  Please be very careful reading any further, this is going to have spoilers after this point.  So please make sure you are ready before moving forward.  So basically Cloak/Dagger start off not together. They are having issues and Cloak is basically cheating on her.  She is torn apart from it.  Events play out, and regardless at the very end Cloak/Dagger are exactly where they should be. Together, and again at the original church they were at (when everything happened with that preacher in the original series).  Regardless…I have my own thoughts about the comic.

First off, the artwork for Cloak and Dagger was amazing. The new artist was amazing.  They did a great job on both, although I wish they would have kept Tyrone’s (Cloak’s) original look. He looks a little funny now. I wish they would have kept the original way he looks.  Either way, the art is a lot better than the original and they did a wonderful job of portraying their relationship, and facial expressions.

Cloak and DaggerNow for the story.  The story for the comic was wonderful. I really liked what the new writer did.  They start off picking them up wherever they were currently at in the Marvel universe. In one issue they have corrected all the mistakes they have made. I thought it was a mistake to ever split them up like that in the first place. They belong together, they belong as a group living off of each other and fighting crime together.  They make a wonderful group and couple together regardless.  The way she has to feed him light, and the way he has to eat her light.  It keeps them both in balance and in sync.  It’s amazing.  Regardless, the artist has done the one thing I was hoping she would do.  She put them back together.  Originally, the way they were originally loved.  They always had the best stories when it was just between them.  Living together, trying to survive together, coming against the world together. Reminds me of the love story behind Bonny and Clyde (us against the world type of story). I have always loved that about cloak and dagger, and over the years they have slowly taken the story away from that.  So I want to give a personal thanks to Stuart Moore (I think he was the one that mostly decided the flow of the story). He has given me exactly what I want. It just happens to happen near my birthday. I want to express a personal things for fixing the storyline with Cloak and Dagger that marvel has been confused on for awhile. I hope you are able
to make the new series a major hit so they don’t try to cancel it again like they did originally.  They end up wanting to scrap some of their best ideas, and some of their ideas that have the best potential like when they cancelled X-Men the hidden years, they had no idea what they did when they did that. The stories of the characters could have been fleshed out a great deal more if he hadn’t of cancelled the series.

Overall, I love the new Cloak and Dagger series.  At first I was annoyed. She was with the X-Men, and so was he.  But he was cheating on her, and they were far apart.  Throughout the span of one comic, everything that Marvel messed up with these characters had been fixed, and they were both back right where they should be. I loved the way it all happened.  So again, thanks to Stuart Moore for finally beating some sense into marvel, and finally making the wonderful storyline of Cloak and Dagger, wonderful again. I am diligently awaiting the second. I hope Moore, that you can make this comic stretch out for years, and get the sales needed to make it a major hit again. It did not get the respect it deserved years ago, even though it was one of my favorite comics. Hopefully now in your hands you can make it something special.  I also enjoyed the humor that was spread throughout it as well, especially at the beginning where you were listing off the x-men.
I have already read the first one, since writing this post.  The only thing that disappoints me is they decided to make it a one shot. I thought they were turning it into an actual series..but now that I go back to try to read the second one…I realize it was a one shot which was extremely disappointing.

Professor Xavier – Not The Same

I am not sure what to say.  I just found out today, that they were using a new actor for Charles Xavier (instead of Patrick Stewart) in the new movie, “X-Men First Class”. I am not even sure what to think about that.  It kind of bothers me, to a large extent.  The original series (the very first X-Men comic ever made) had the character like it molded to fit Patrick Stewart. It was as if their original idea behind the character stemmed from him. Ever since then he has been the only actor that has ever played Charles, as well as the only one who ever did his voice acting (as far as I know).  He is a perfect fit, and it’s like he “IS” Professor X.

Overall, I am really upset about their decision.  I am not happy at all about changing the actor.  I have nothing against the guy who is playing him, but I am really not happy with Marvel’s decision.  I did some digging..I see a variety of people share the same opinion. I do not think he is going to be able to stand up to the pressure of the position he’s portraying.  I see him as a good actor, and it does not matter who took the place.  It’s the simple fact that Professor Xavier and Charles IS patrick Stewart.  To me, they might as well be one and the same.  It’s like replacing Wolverine with Chuck Norris.  He would do really good in the part, but….it’s just “Not” The guy who generally plays Wolverine. It isn’t “Wolverine”  It just doesn’t mesh well.

All I can do, is sit back and hope that they are making the correct decision.  I really have a bad feeling about the repercussions this is going to have in future movies. I hope they do not permanently take Patrick Steward out of all the newer movies. I would like to see the legend return in any (preferably every) movie that comes after this.  Watching this movie is going to feel like the character isn’t even Charles.  It’s going to feel like it’s not even really an X-Men movie.

To be honest, I believe this is another act of Disney, screwing up Marvel Comics.  I hate to say it…I like Disney…but they bought out something they had no right to buy out.  They don’t “know” comics.  I felt this was going to be a disastrous thing a long time ago when they bought it, now here I see them changing out actors, which most of the peoples opinions I have read were completely against this.

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I was very upset when I found out that Disney was buying Marvel. This decision did not make me “like” them any more at the time, however over the last few years I have noticed that disney has done some amazing things with the movies, and Marvel in general. Overall I am pleased with the progress I have been seeing, with my favorite comic company.

Please note these are opinions only. If you have feedback/opinions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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Google Plus – How are you using it

I just wanted to share a few personal tips about Google Plus, that might help some people stay organized.

Google Plus Tips

1. I use one circle for my main interests.  I only put people or pages in here that I intend to read every single update on.  I want to see every post they make, or every thing they do.  Generally this if for interests like various companies associated with comics, or video games…or other things that I have a heavy interest for. Things I do not mind seeing in my feed every single day.

2. I use another circle for “Everything else”.  I have a habit of only keeping people in this circle, that have been added.  Simply put..every one who has added me and wants to see my posts, I have added them into a separate circle called Separate Contacts. When I am in the mood, I can pop over to that feed and see what all is there, and respond accordingly if I choose.

Google Plus3. I do not like imposing on people, or anyone. If someone does not have me added to their circles (for whatever reason) I do not want to have them added to mine so they won’t get flooded with my public posts.  SO what I do, is about every 3 months I will go in and delete every one from that circle (completely delete the circle. Then I will go to my list of people who have me in their circles, but are not in mine. Then I will move them all into a new circle named the same.  This basically refreshes my list. Overtime people take me off because of posts they don’t want to see, or over posting, or lack of interest. When this happens I like syncing them.  That way I always have just the people who have added me, which is just the way I like things on Google Plus.

4. In Google Plus I use one circle for everything I want to see regular updates for.  Any Google Page, or person that I am interested in seeing every single post from, I put here. Also major interests, or things that I do not want to miss something on. Generally this is reserved to company pages, or pages that I want to see constant updates for..or certain people that I want to see all posts from. I don’t put any general contacts in here. Only things that I want to see every single post from so that I can review them every day.  Also the people are in a separate area, so I  only have to review their posts when I am interested in them, or are in the mood.

I like Google Plus a lot, it’s much better..and easier to handle privacy than something like Facebook..which I don’t much care for.

The master of Restaurants and all things food….

This blog has been edited as of 9/6/2014. A lot was changed, so feel free to take a look.
I am not too sure this would be considered a life achievement…but, I eat out at a lot of restaurants. I always have, and probably always will. I enjoy eating out and experiencing the different restaurants for what they have to offer. I like forging relationships with certain waiters at certain locations, and continually visiting those locations over, and over again to request the same waiters and continuing to build the relationships and friendships. Overall I have been to pretty much every single Restaurant in the area. Obviously every single restaurant, even if they are the same name but different locations, has something different to offer. Some are worse than others. However, I want to put down my list of favorite restaurants, as well as my thoughts of each of them.

Previous “Do Not Go” List

My “Do Not Go” List use to be Italian Oven, Ruby Tuesday’s, and Chili’s. That list has changed drastically.

My original post (before this edit), was as follows:

These are considered my hit list. These are restaurants that I have eaten at, but for certain reasons or another I will never go back to them (at all, ever). These are jsut ones that I will never go to. I generally do not give Restaurants more than one chance.  Surprisingly there are only a few on my Do Not Go List. They are listed below, along with the reasons. The reasons could be because of a specific location, but that is irrelevant. Once I have a bad experience there, I do not generally go back.

– The Italian Oven – Generally I love Italian food. Believe it or not, I don’t really have any problem with the food they offer. of the times I went to one of their locations (for the first time) I was totally unimpressed.  The food was not the best. It paled in comparison to some of the other Italian restaurants I like (Pasta Bella, Provinos, Scalini’s, Magianno’s).  The food was not really worth a return trip. However, the food wasn’t necessary bad. It was just mediocre (nothing special).  The main problem I had was the waiter.  They have really bad waiter’s there, at least they did the night I went there.  Every few minutes Waiters were sitting around, not doing any work, taking a lot of time off.  The one we had was almost non-existent. It was the more horrible experience I have had at any restaurant. The food just wasn’t worth risking a return trip.

– Ruby Tuesday’s – I use to eat here. Overall I have nothing against this restaurant personally. Decent food, good waiters, great environment. However..just something about their food doesn’t sit well. I use to eat there all the time.  I got sick from their food two times. Once I even passed out in the floor. Not sure if it was something I was allergic to.  Not to mention I also have this awkward  feeling about their food every time I leave. Most of the people I have gone with just feel the food is too..thick perhaps. It just always leads to bowel issues, and other unpleasantries.  It’s a good restaurant but after that strange feeling a few times, I just decided I don’t like the experience.

– Chili’s – Believe it or not, I have never had their food.  However..just something about the place I don’t like. I went in there before and it feels almost entirely like a bar environment. I just didn’t like the environment, so I don’t ever plan on eating there…well…there is a small chance I might give it a try eventually, but for the most part it never really crosses my mind to go there.

However, that list has changed.

– Italian Oven: I have not tried this place in 4-5 years. The one time I tried, at that one location, it was a disaster. Mostly because the waitress was horrible. I feel that it was a very bad experience…at that one location. Over the years (since my original writing) I feel that it’s all location based. I am starting to understand EVERY location and the people at EVERY location are drastically different.  So..I have not re-tried Italian Oven, or another location..I feel they deserve a second chance. I will, sometime in the next few months give it a try again. For now…give it a try.  It depends entirely on the location.

– Ruby Tuesday’s/Stella’s: Again it probably depends on the location. My only complaint is their food always has a strange after affect. Stella’s was recently added because it’s the same. The food always makes me feel overly food, even when I eat very little. I can “taste” preservatives maybe. I always feel..odd after eating their. I am not sure how to explain it, or why but that’s why I still avoid these places.

– Chili’s:  I was DEAD wrong about this place. Since this last posting this has turned into my FAVORITE place. I eat here now, more than any other.  Very, very great place. The food, the people, the atmosphere…I love it. I always get… Table side Guacamole, Country fried chicken with extra gravy, mash potatoes with gravy, and macaroni and cheese. Every single time and ALWAYS love going here. One of my absolute favorite places now a days.

Generic Eating Establishments

Pretty much anywhere else is open game. I enjoy a wide variety of restaurants for different reasons. I have two top favorites ones, which I will leave for the final section.  I like Applebee’s, Ted’s Montana Grill, Scalini’s, Provino’s, Red Lobster’s, TGI Friday’s, and various others. Every one has their own strengths and weaknesses.  My main favorite restaurants, and the last section of those post are listed below.

My Favorite Restaurants

Again…this list has also chagned. Almost every single place in the list has changed. My original list was as follows:

Now for the crowing achievement.  Out of all the years of eating out, the thousands of restaurants I have eaten at (some close to 100 times), I have gotten together a list of my favorite of the favorites. I have listed below the name of each restaurant that I consider favorite, and why. They are listed in the order of likeableness (I know this isn’t a word).


This is one of the top restaurants.  This probably ties first place with my other favorite.  Provino’s is a special restaurant. It’s what is called a scratch kitchen. It means they make everything from scratch, on the spot when it’s ordered.  Meaning if you order something, you also have the ability to mix/match different things from the menu so they turn out exactly like you want them to.  You have full control over everything in the menu.   It is an Italian restaurant.  Ironically enough I always order the same thing here, every single time (without fail). I order the Cannoloni & Bianca Extra Cheese X3. Then I throw about a half a bottle of their cheese on top of it.  Then I get a sweat tea.  Every single time.  This place is my favorite, it’s the place I like the most, and my first choice most of the time. Scalini’s owns Provino’s..they also make the same thing that I get from Provino’s. I do not Scalini’s a lot…but they have one issue of not making that dish right. They always burnt it, and don’t make it to the perfection that Provino’s does.

Edit: Unfortunately I haven’t been here in a LONG time. I have my reasons, and the food was still good..but I have found better. This is a good restaurant, but not my favorite anymore.

Red Lobster’s

Now this is perfection. It ties first place with Provino’s.  This is one of the best places I have ever eaten out..but they are much more expensive than any other place. So I eat her seldom. I do eat here quite often, but I try to be careful because of the price. I always end up getting one of their three primary 20.00 dishes. They seafood trio, or ultimate lobster, and some other thing they have. My favorite thing on the entire menu is one of their sides, it’s the Lobster Languinisto (I am not sure the exact name). That is my favorite dish. I order that side every single time I come here.  The environment is great, and I like eating here just as much as Provinos.

Second Rate Italian Restaurants (Scalini’s/Magianno’s)

I don’t say second rate out of disrespect. These are two of my favorite restaurants. However, they are not “The” Italian restaurant.  They are not my favorite. Although, I would be totally happy eating at one fo them. I kind of pick/choose what I am in the mood for based off the time when I go to these. Magianno’s they have one thing I really like a lot, but lately I have been having a hard time remembering exactly what pasta dish it was, so lately when I go there, I just try stuff to see if Ic an find that original dish that I liked there so much.  I will be very happy the day I remember what it was.


Both of these restaurants I enjoy a lot. They are cheaper budget, and I normally end up going to one or the other when I am on a smaller budget.  It use to be mostly Apple-bee’s. I like the environment mostly, but there are only a few things on their menu I really like (baby back ribs for example). The main reason I went there for so long, is because of the people there. It seems to be the best people around, at least the location
we go to. I am a little angry with them overall for the fiasco they were in the middle of in the past, that itme that one of their members accidentally gave Alcohol to a child. I have been more of getting away from that place since I found that out. I still go there sometimes.  In general, O’Charleys has pretty much replaced it. Their spicy pepper jack cheese wedges are always what I dive into for the appetizer, with a sweat tea, and then different various things off their menu depending on my mood. The main thing normally ends up being their seafood trio. It’s obviously not anywhere near as good as Red Lobster, but it still tastes great and is totally worth it for the trip. The pepper-jack cheese wedges alone make it more than worth it.

Now, my thoughts about the above.

Provino’s – Still a good place, but I found better.

Red Lobsters – Just got sick of it because I went for so long, and so much…I found something better, for me.

Scalini’s Magianno’s – I go back here sometimes…but again, I found better. I don’t visit these two as much anymore.

Apple-Bee’s/O-Charleys – Barely ever. I had a bad experience at O-Charley’s with a manager at one of the locations and stopped going, for a long time. I still don’t go. For Apple-Bee’s, again I just got tired of eating there after awhile of eating their so long.

Now…my new list is very simple.

Gus’s Restaurants – Marietta Fish Market, Marietta Diner (my least favorite of the four, but still good), Cherokee Cattle Company, and Pasta Bella. These are my favorite places now. I have a preferred waiter at Marietta Fish Market, and Cherokee Cattle Company.  These places are owned by a guy named Gus, and he is one of the best owners I have met. He is down to earth, and a great owner. These places quickly became my top favorite. The two I really visit the most are the Marietta Fish Market and Cherokee Cattle Company. The rest I visit occassionally, but they are nowhere near as good as these two. Especially because of the people their, even the managers. It’s a great environment, with a great owner, and equally great food.

Chili’s – I love chili’s I explained in my “do not go list”. My how things change. I cannot get enough of this place. The people, the food, the environment. It’s currently my “all time” favorite place. At least the specific location I visit.


Well that’s about it. I might revise this list as I think of more stuff, or as more restaurant’s come to mind. It’s definitely something interesting..and maybe it can help you when trying to think of somewhere to go.  This is not all the restaurants I have been to, that’s why I said I may revise it in the future as more stuff comes to mind.

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Restart Your Dreams

I have recently discovered something new pertaining to dreaming that I want to share.  Their are a few different types of dreams.  The first time are dreams that you do not remember having.  They are the small dreams, or ones that you do not consciously realize you are having. You have thousands of these types of dreams, and wake up without even an inkling of remembrance to those dreams.  The second type of dreams, are the ones you
can almost remember. These dreams are annoying.  They only happen when you first wake up and realize you were having a really good dream but can only remember bits and pieces of it (if that much). Literally within minutes, you realize that you have forgotten everything and all that is left is the slight reminder that you were just having a good dream.  The final type of dream is the dream you wake up almost entirely remembering, at least for awhile until at which point you forget.

Now let’s look at the classifications a different way. You can wake up to dreams in 3 different ways.  You have dreams that you finish, but don’t remember. Those are automatically filed away in your subconscious. They affect you, but you never realize it. Then there are the dreams that totally finish and you remember them.  These are the best types of dreams.  You had a dream, it played out entirely, and all events were closed up. So you feel some closure from the dream, as if you had just read an entire short story, or novel. You feel inside that the dream was complete.  The final type of dream is the one you wake up in the middle of, and remember.  These (to me) have been the worst types of dreams. A lot of times I left something very important undone in the dream, or it did not play out entirely. Whether this is caused by me naturally waking up, or something waking me up in the real wold.  These types of dreams leave you annoyed for awhile..wondering what would have happened..or perhaps the dream was so blissful you wanted to get to a better stopping point.

Different people deal with these types of dreams in different ways. Some of them ignore it and go throughout their day. Within a few hours they just act like nothing ever happened, or have forgotten entirely.  However, as far as my understanding goes in this situation, the dreams are filed away subconsciously, and your mind will always look at that dream as an unfinished book, even for years to come (even if you don’t realize it).  If you read a REALLY good novel, then suddenly stop reading…then at times you will wonder what the ending was. Even if it’s years later you might think of that novel briefly, and think to yourself that you never finished it and wonder what happened.  THen suddenly if you pick it up and finish it, you feel an area of completeness related to that specific novel/story that you never felt before with that specific piece of work.  Same thing with dreams, if you don’t finish them they will bother you for awhile, whether you realize it or not.  Some people can go back to sleep immediately and finish the dream, other’s can’t trigger the same dream easily, and others still can’t get back to sleep.

I have found a solution to this issue.  Sometimes it works really well (allowing me to finish entire dreams that I had started) and other types it just works slightly, allowing me to wrap up the loose ends of the dream and write my own quick ending. It might not be the original ending expected for the dream, but it’s an ending nonetheless and sets up to bring the closure that comes with anything that is complete. Basically when I wake up with an incomplete dream, as compared to a complete dream it affects my mood, at a minimum for at least a few hours as I get annoyed that the dream did not finish off correctly.  A lot of times if I am woken up by an external factor, then that factor is what I get upset with for waking me in the first place.

The solution is simple.  Anytime I wake up from a dream that I remember.  I check to see whether I feel comfortable with the dreams conclusion. If I do not like the dream ending, or It was not complete, then I start rewriting the dream, or rebuilding the dream.  I lay down, and ignore everything around me. I start using my imagination to re-enact the last part of the dream I remember.  Generally within 2 minutes I am able to visualize and feel the dream, almost as if I was really having it.  If you ignore EVERYTHING, (especially if your in a really dark/quite area anyway) and just start envisioning the same dream.  Start role playing out what was last happening, and use your imagination to continue building onto the dream.  Generally within 2 minutes it’s ultra-realistic and hard to tell being awake from dreaming. Generally within 10 minutes you will be totally asleep and the dream state will kick in.  SO it’s basically a kick start for the dream.  So for example..say I am dreaming about going to another state and buying something.  In real life I might wake up right before I give the person money.  I want to go back into that dream state.  So I lay down and ignore everything and start envisioning the area I last remember in my dream.  Start envisioning the person I was buying the item from and the place.  Within minutes I can start off replicating that area of the dream..I can imagine myself there and reviewing the item, and getting ready to buy it.  Within 10 minutes the dream-state takes over, and converts what you were making, into a real dream.

So the basic idea is once you wake up, to get everything totally focused on your dream.  Remember where it left off, and continue where it left off by mentally forcing your mind to play on that dream.  No different than if your day dreaming, or thinking intensively about something.  When the dream state takes over it seems to have a way of interfacing with the dream you were having, changing what you simulated while awake back into a dream state, and then adding onto it to finish.  This is something I just recently realized I had the power to do.  Anyone can do it, and it’s very easy.

I have also realized, very quickly that this is a way to kick start new dreams as well. The only catch is doing it while your wide awake doesn’t have much affect. The more tired you are, the more affective it is.  For example, when I first lay down, if I want to have a specific dream, I start off by thinking about the dream area.  Generally this puts my mind on auto-pilot so when I fall asleep that is what I am dreaming about (since that was what I was thinking about). If I start getting a tired feeling before I fall asleep, then I am able to go into that simulated reality state. Within a few minutes, when the dream takes over, it basically feels like it transforms what I was roleplaying when I was awake, into a dream like feeling and then continuing where it left off.  It almost works every single time.  Sometimes if I have something bigger on my mind, the nthat takes over anyway, but rarely. Normally it’s exactly what I was roleplaying, is where my dream takes off at.

The only bad thing I have noticed, is that a lot of times when the dream state takes over when you fall back asleep, it normally transforms (within a few minutes) into dreams you can’t remember anymore.  I am still researching and working on this part. I want to get to a point eventually where I can remember most/all of my dreams, and have totally lucid control over them, but this is something that will take me a while to master. I just wanted to share this break through with everyone in hopes that they will be able to finish those perfect dreams more often that they suddenly lose when someone wakes them up, or when their body wakes them up.

Lost Pet – What to do if you lose a pet

Most of us have been there.  You have a pet/animal that your really close to, and one day they go missing.  Your not quite sure what happened. Perhaps they got out of the fence, or they got through the front door when you were not looking..regardless, you find yourself with a lost pet. A missing a member of your family.  What do you do now? A lost pet is never a good thing. I have been in this situation quite a few times…and have learnt a few tricks over that period of that, that I want to pass onto you.

Tip One: Look vigorously in all the right areas

The first and most important thing is to check your house, and yard. A lot of times animals return to places they are familiar with, this is especially true for cats. I had a cat that I had for 6 years…he got out somehow, and we never found out how.  We spent 6 hours looking for him. Up and down every street, through every yard, in every forest. We searched vigorously within cat walking distance of our house.  Finally after giving up, we found
him in the back yard in the woods just resting on a fallen tree trunk.  That entire time, he had been right under our noses…lesson learned, always try to check in the most obvious places first (you never know).

Tip Two: Tap into all your resources

Tap into every resource you have. Make signs, hang them all over the place. Contact every neighbor on your street and try to get as many people involved as you can.  Check your local pounds, human societies, and rescues for them.  Check around newspaper ads for found animals, and sign up for all the major pet finder websites.  Anything that helps get out the word that you are missing an animal, and/or details about the animal (as many as possible, and images when possible.

Tip Three: Reward

Lost petThe world can be a greedy place. Certain people who might not normally turn in your lost pet, or might not even bother to stop and try to get your animal if they see it, might be more persuaded with money.  If you are in a position to do so, then offer a reward.  Do not specify how much in the reward, but just put down that you are offering a reward…that’ll get people more motivated than just trying to help naturally, and you want the situation to get all of the attention that it can and deserve.  The reward may not seem like much, but it will go a long ways.


The best time to do something about a lost, is before they go missing. Prevention is always the best medicine.  Always do the most obvious first. Get the animal microchipped, get it registered with any main registration services that are available, keep up to date pictures/videos available on a regular basis (update photo’s/videos monthly with fresh shots from all angles. It’s better to have images in case they go missing, than not…Also you can do other stuff like start putting aside money for a reward….strange as it may sound, it’s almost like an emergency fund. If you take out around 100-150 dollars (or however much you want, and set it aside and never touch it…forget it exists…you’ll be glad you have it if one of your pets goes missing.  This will allow you to have money available for a reward, and not have to go into financial difficulties at the time of the missing animal.  Get collars, nameplates and other things together and on your animals ahead of time.  Around 50% of animals that go missing would normally be returned to the rightful owner if they just had the animals name and phone number on a collar that never comes off…that goes for Cat’s as well.

Spend the prevention time also preparing other areas of the house…double checking any fencing, getting a privacy fence, securing windows/doors in your home so animals can’t get out, implementing new house policies on coming/going from the house to triple check for all animals are safe and inside before any trips.  For cat’s, the best prevention is to avoid having outside cats. I have never believed in them…I feel much safer with them safe and in the house…if you have cats, consider making them permanently inside cats.  Also try not to declaw your cats if you have any…they rely on this for defense, if they ever got out and got attacked by something…without claws there is a great chance they would die. If you keep there claws on, then that might just save their lives’ that one time they get out of the house when you least expect it.


Overall, a lost pet is never a fun situation to deal with. I’ve never had a good experience when one of mine went missing. Luckily there are things you can do, some of them described in this blog post, that will help you prevent a lost pet situation from happening, or help to find them when it does.

Additional Resources

There are a lot of other websites throughout the internet that can provide advice, help, and resources for those facing a lost pet situation. This site for example provides paid services to help pet owners find their lost pet. Other companies like this exist, as well as online free resources to aid in your search.

Harry Potter Series – Overall thoughts

I recently finished all of the entire Harry Potter movies. I did this without ever previously reading any of the books (something that’s still on my hobby to-do list. I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV, as I have many other hobbies as well (Video games, development, writing and so forth). However when I do, what I watch ranges from fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror action/adventure, shooting, comedy… so pretty much anything.

Harry Potter – First Thoughts

Overall the movies were well put together with a good cast of actors. I believe they were all worth the time required to sit through them. Most people probably watched them as they were released. But there was a certain bonus involved with being able to watch them all at once back to back (binge watching). The biggest bonus for me was watching all the same actors mature throughout the roles, and put the store together as they aged over the years. I just started watching it not long after the final movie was available outside of theatres. The movie cast was well selected and well put together. A few of them could have been different and the roles might have turned out better, but all the major ones were well selected. A lot of them got there burst to stardome from these movies.

I don’t think any other group could have pulled off the three friends as good as the current actors did.  They were amazing…and they made the world extremely believable.  The acting was perfect, music was perfect, storyline was perfect. The only thing about the series of movies that made me angry, was the fact that they ended. The ending to me was very good, but I wish they had expanded the story much longer.  Perhaps that’s being greedy…I mean how many other series really get 7 movies, but regardless it deserved it. I think they did a wonderful job on the entire series.

I can’t wait to read the books…I intend to read them within 1-2 months, and I will post my thoughts on them into this blog post.  Most people think it’s a child’s story…but far from it. The first 1 (perhaps 2) were in the children section, after that they took off heavily with an adult/young adult audience.  It is more than worth it, and the entire series was a wonderful entertainment piece.

Being the most productive you can be

I have recently been experimenting with a few different ideas.  I have been reviewing going fast, and going slow.  There are two very big different schools of thoughts for both of these. This involves both the self help books, and general productivity tips.  I have read a lot of material on both different schools of thought, and my opinion is to do a little bit of both.  You can’t actively go quickly all the time in everything you do.  You get burnt out, you can’t have as much fun doing it, and you get yourself warn out and stressed.  Likewise, you can’t go slow and take your time all of the time either.  You get lazy, start procrastinating, and take forever to do the simplest of things.  When I say go slow, I mean when you deliberately get laid back and take your time while doing things.

Instead, what needs to be found is a balance.  I have started splitting my mind up into two separate modes.  These two modes govern everything that I do.  I am generally in my default mode, but when certain times of actions or events are required, I jump into the secondary mode.  These two modes allow me to regulate my life and decide what course of action needs to be taken in what situations.

So let me explain my default mode.  My default mode is the first school of thought.  It is the most widely accepted.  A lot of self-help guru’s tell you to go slow in everything you do.  They tell you to go slow, take your time, and try to enjoy everything you do and soak up every little detail.  I have provided just a few blog posts below that are self-help related and have to do exactly with what I just described.:

That is just a few. If you went through Google, and had a lot of self-help blogs hooked into your google reader. So it’s obvious, there are a lot of people who think you should go slow. Apparently there are a lot of benefits to going slow, including getting more done in a short period of time.  So generally, I am with this school of thought.  90% of the time, I try to go slow.  I try to take my time, enjoy what I am doing, and generally have fun.  This works really well.  Even when I am working on websites/programming.  It makes me get stuff done faster, helps me plan better, and keeps my mind clear to allow me to work a little longer.

Now, for going fast.  There are times when you can go fast, and get stuff done a lot faster.  The going slow parts, help you identify where you need to go fast.  I have set this up in my mind with two modes.  The first and primary mode (mostly in affect) is the laid back mode.  I try to remain laid back, go with the flow (while continuing to maintain control of the flow), and just generally enjoying the ride.  I use this mode to determine when the secondary  mode needs to kick in.  So once the primary mode detects a situation where secondary mode would be more beneficial, it switches over.  I try to make it so that as soon as that given task is done, I switch immediately back to my primary mode.   There are quite a few situations where I allow my secondary mode to take over.

One good example, is when your doing something that is going to take the same amount of time regardless.  So if I am washing dishes.  If I do it slowly, it takes me longer.  If I do it quickly, I get it done and out of the way so I can move onto something else.  So washing dishes, and certain other types of standard work allow me to go into secondary mode for the point of being able to get it done and out of the way, and focus my attention back on what I want to do.

Another area of life you want to speed up in is walking.  Most of the time you want to walk a brisk pace.  This keeps your heart rate up, as well as gives you instant cardio.  It also allows you to regulate your blood flow so your generally awake.  I didn’t say run, or sprint…just a steady, even stride while walking.  This helps you stay focused, make sure you get to where you are trying to go.  I do not mean walk fast all of the time, but anytime you are going from one location to another with a set and important goal in mind, a brisk pace (while still maintain slowness) can help you get from location to location faster.  You can walk a brisk pace, without going fast.  Picking up the pace also looks good on the job.  Anytime you go for a job interview, the first thing they look at is how you walk.  If you walk briskly that shows you walk with purpose, knowing where you are wanting to go. This shows them an instant sign that makes them think you will be a good worker.

There are other areas you can maintain speed in.  Speed should be used in any situation where you can get something “Unpleasant” out of the way faster, and move onto things that are more pleasant.  Washing dishes, doing laundry, anything else considered work.  yes, you can make those things fun, yes you can detain yourself while doing then and make yourself entertained, yes you can make a game out of it..but to be honest the best, and easy way to get through that stuff is to buckle down, do it, and move on.  IN the long run you can be focusing on things you really do consider fun.

The Battle Within

When I was a kid, I was taught a great deal of various things by my dad.  Some of the things he taught me were not remembered, others I held onto, and still others just did not suit me.  There was one thing in specific that sticks out greatly, even now (10-15 years later).  It was the theory of “The Battle Within”.  Essentially he described it as this, when I am going through life each day, there is an internal structure.  There is you (A martial arts master), versus another martial arts master in a tournament.  Each tournament lasts 1 week, and there is one fight per day.  So a total of 7 fights in any specific tournament.  The “Battle” represents good and bad.  If you are acting good during a specific day at a given time, you start winning the fight, if you start to do something bad you are losing the fight.  Essentially as you do good/bad stuff throughout the day and make good/bad decisions it affects this internal struggle. At the end of the day, it tallies up everything you did good, and bad. If the good outweighed the bad, you win the battle. If the bad outweighed the good, you lose the battle.  Essentially the goal is to try to win each and every battle, so you can win every tournament.  Essentially if you lose a total of 2 times in a given week, then your out of the tournament.

There were more things to it, but that is the general idea.  The main reason he created this theory and passed it onto me was because of my love for martial arts. It was something I liked a lot, and peaked my interest at that age. Subsequently my childhood behavior throughout the next 3-4 years improved drastically.  I am not sure if this will be of value to anyone, but it could help you in your daily struggles to do the right thing.  On top of that, if you have children who love martial arts, who knows…it might help.  It never hurts to try. Worse is they’ll laugh at you and walk away.

There were many other similar things my dad has taught me throughout me life.  But for some reason, this one thing sticks out. It had the greatest affect on my lifestyle, and the way that I acted.  It was a good experience.  I wasn’t particularly bad at school…but I had some behavior issues (at any stage).

Walk It Out (5 Principles to live by)

Have you ever had a situation where you could not get something off your mind?  Perhaps you were angry, or upset, or having a hard time dealing with a specifically hard situation.  Below you will find 5 simple tips, to hopefully help you deal with those things, and learn to “walk it out”.

These principles are religious centered. If your not religious, this article probably won’t work with you, except for #2 and 3.

Tip #1: Live by the Holy Spirit

If you open yourself to the Holy Spirits leading, then it will lead you.

Tip #2: Make all decisions in light of eternity

3 months from now, 6 years from now, or 30 years from now. Also try to envision how it will affect others around you within those periods of time.  When you look at things within these bounds,  you will realize that most decisions are not very important when lined up even a few days from now.  How will this decision affect you once your lying in the grave?

Tip #3: Be consistent

Bruce Lee (one of my heroes) once taught, “Be as water”.  Flow with life as it comes and goes.  Try to remain consistent but allow change to come.

Tip #4: Humble yourself before god – james 5:6

“For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.  But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”, it speaks for itself.

Principle Five – Rely on gods grace and love to get you through it, not your own ability.

Romans 8:28 and Galations 6:9, very self explanatory. Trust in him, no tin your own understanding.