About Me

My name is Joyel Puryear. Explaining who I am and about me is simple. I am me, and I won’t change for anyone, or anything. I am defined by me, my children, my family, my hobbies, and my career. I am a guy with many hobbies and many interests, most of which you’ll see talked about throughout this website, and my other sites and social media accounts.

I am a lifestyle gamer.

I am a fiction, science fiction, and fantasy aficionado.

I am a huge comic book buff.

I am a programmer, geek, and nerd.

I am me.

My business website is infotechnologist.biz. This is where I provide IT related services to private individuals, small business, and large corporations. I build web sites, web applications, mobile applications, and provide many other IT related services across a variety of industries.

My main personal website and network site can be found at www.joyelpuryear.com. This is where I go into depth detail about myself, my online presence, and my full network of sites.




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