Android + Netbeans…development Setup – Live Android Testing

I have been getting pretty heavily into Android development lately. I use the Netbeans IDE to handle all of my development. In order to develop with Netbeans, you need the following software:

  1. Netbeans IDE:
  2. The required Java Downloads (You can find these on Google)
  3. The Android SDK. You don’t really need all of the API’s. Just get the most recent API, the Google API in case you need it, the documentation, and other related misc tools. That’s
    all you really need.  The most recent API also has support for older versions of Android as well, at least from what I have been able to tell. I can write applications for virtually any version of
    Android using the most recent API.  It also gives it better overall support for all systems, from what I can tell.  Correct me if I am wrong, I am still pretty new to Android development.
  4. The Netbeans Android plugin. There is an exceptionally easy install and integration guide here: (VERY simple instructions).

Now, I also found a secret for testing android apps.  If you have an Android phone…turn on USB Debugging and plug it into the computer you are using. Then if you go to build, and then run the app (or just
Run) then it gives you the option of loading the app directly onto your phone. So you can easily just launch it and test it on your own Android phone..which also makes it easy. Every time you run it, it’ll re-install
the newest version on the phone, restart the app,a nd have the new changes. It makes it very easy to test apps out while your building them, and it’s been an invaluable utility for me. I highly recommend this setup
as opposed to trying to use an Emulator. If you don’t have an Android get an old crappy one (even if it doesn’t have service) just to use it as a test environment. Much more efficient and you can develop apps
much faster.  Because..just because there is no compile error, doesn’t mean it won’t crash in the phone..makes it much easier to test it live that way.

I might have more Android development related blog posts, as I learn new stuff and continue to get more into Android development.

So far I have not gotten very far, but made good progress for it only being 4 days. I got my environment setup, I was able to get text to show to the screen, get the current Longitude/Latitude (one instance of it so far, that doesn’t update..still working on it), manifest permissions (basics), get JSON or other content from a website URL, and parse and use the JSON and print it back to the screen.  I am currently in the process of learning the different layouts, about the layout file, more manifest related stuff, and trying to get better layouts setup on it.

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