Best Movies I’ve seen I Have Ever Seen

I play a lot of video games, but sometimes I get in the mood to watch movies or television shows. I’ve watched a lot in my time. This blog post is intended to highlight some of the best movies and television shows I’ve seen, to date.

I tried to make this all mostly spoiler free, but there might be a few minor ones that crept in there.


This is actually a television series so it can’t be in the best movies category, but there are several Inuyasha movies as well and they are all rank up there as some of my favorites. Inuyasha is one of my favorite anime’s that were ever created. I have seen all the episodes and all of the movies. It is a very good series to get into if you like anime. I recommend just started with episode number 1 in season 1, and just going through them one season at a time. About season 2-4 somewhere around in there, watch the movies.  It is a very good anime that will draw you in very fast. You can buy the DVD’s online but they are like 100.00 per season, at least the last time I looked. So the best bet is to find them online or look around for them. Definitely worth taking the time to watch.


By far the absolute best series I have ever seen in my life. I went all the way through the current season, and i am still watching it on TV every Tuesday.  It is the best series to get into but I do not recommend even considering getting into it mid season or not starting at season 1. You can find them all on Netflix and PSN, and Amazon. IT’s a very popular series, very easy to find, and definitely worth it. The acting in the entire series is great, and I have yet to see a bad episode. Some of them aren’t the highest quality (maybe 3 out of the entire run of seasons) but even those were good episodes.

The two main actors are some of the best I have seen and won multiple awards, and the pairing between the two is perfect.  They are great working together. I also have to say that I have not seen them cast a bad person in the shows. Every single character they introduce they seem to find the perfect actor/actress for…except perhaps in two situations, besides that they pick the best people for the best part and that really helps bring everything together into one of the best TV experiences that I have ever had the pleasure to watch in my life.

Blood Trinity

It’s another anime. It isn’t Inuyasha, but it was definitely good. It had a great story and brought some really good ideas to the table for people that have an imagination.  It is something to definitely think about if you have nothing else to do. It isn’t a very long series so it takes less than a week (if your persistent) to get through the entire series and get it wrapped up, but it’s worth every minute of it.


One of the best movies I have seen. I have seen almost every move (almost) that has come out, whether it was in the theatre or on TV. This is one of the best ones, and by the end it really makes you think. The lead actor was perfect for the part and the special affects while they are on the drugs is even better. Seeing how they react once taking the drug. The movie is very good and its highly recommended.  Especially the ending, which will leave you with a huge smile on your face.


One of my favorite movies, and definitely in the best movies category., with a pretty good plot line and two of the best child actresses I have seen to date. Child actors that actually have a great deal of talent to bring to the table, and together they really brought this movie together into an overall great experience.

White House Down

One of the better action movies. Probably one of the best ones I have seen. Jamie Fox and the other guy do a great job working together as a team. Brings in the right mix of Action/Adventure, and still keeps an air of comedy that only Jamie Fox can pull off. The movie is great from beginning to end, and one of the few movies that literally did not have any slow moments throughout. Highly recommended and definitely worth watching.

The Next Three Days

Ah..this movie holds a special place in my heart. A man’s wife is wrongly convicted of murder, so he goes out of his way to get her back. The entire movie really made me think about a lot of things about life, the justice system, and how screwed up our court system can really be. Makes you wonder how many other people could really be suffering through something similar. I kept telling myself that if it had a bad ending I would hate this movie and never watch it many times it seemed like it was going to drop off at the worst possible time, but the movie came through for me. It was  a great movie, a great ending, and just was one of the most powerful movies that I have seen to date. Probably on the list of one of my top favorite movies of all time.

The Conjuring

Saw it in the theater, and one of the only movies I have seen in the last few years that was actually scary. If you haven’t seen it, then it is urgent that you see it. If your not much into horror movies, this is a whole different style of horror movie and you will still probably like it. Very good movie, VERY good soundtrack, perfectly timed throughout the entire movie to make you jump more than you feel comfortable. It was one of the better ones that I had seen, and one of the only ones that I actually had my eye on when I first saw the advertisements. Everything was perfect from the hype, the marketing, all the way down to the implementation. Definitely recommended.


If I think of any more and/or watch anymore I will post more information about them here.

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