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Professor Xavier – Not The Same

I am not sure what to say.  I just found out today, that they were using a new actor for Charles Xavier (instead of Patrick Stewart) in the new movie, “X-Men First Class”. I am not even sure what to think about that.  It kind of bothers me, to a large extent.  The original series (the very first X-Men comic ever made) had the character like it molded to fit Patrick Stewart. It was as if their original idea behind the character stemmed from him. Ever since then he has been the only actor that has ever played Charles, as well as the only one who ever did his voice acting (as far as I know).  He is a perfect fit, and it’s like he “IS” Professor X.

Overall, I am really upset about their decision.  I am not happy at all about changing the actor.  I have nothing against the guy who is playing him, but I am really not happy with Marvel’s decision.  I did some digging..I see a variety of people share the same opinion. I do not think he is going to be able to stand up to the pressure of the position he’s portraying.  I see him as a good actor, and it does not matter who took the place.  It’s the simple fact that Professor Xavier and Charles IS patrick Stewart.  To me, they might as well be one and the same.  It’s like replacing Wolverine with Chuck Norris.  He would do really good in the part, but….it’s just “Not” The guy who generally plays Wolverine. It isn’t “Wolverine”  It just doesn’t mesh well.

All I can do, is sit back and hope that they are making the correct decision.  I really have a bad feeling about the repercussions this is going to have in future movies. I hope they do not permanently take Patrick Steward out of all the newer movies. I would like to see the legend return in any (preferably every) movie that comes after this.  Watching this movie is going to feel like the character isn’t even Charles.  It’s going to feel like it’s not even really an X-Men movie.

To be honest, I believe this is another act of Disney, screwing up Marvel Comics.  I hate to say it…I like Disney…but they bought out something they had no right to buy out.  They don’t “know” comics.  I felt this was going to be a disastrous thing a long time ago when they bought it, now here I see them changing out actors, which most of the peoples opinions I have read were completely against this.

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I was very upset when I found out that Disney was buying Marvel. This decision did not make me “like” them any more at the time, however over the last few years I have noticed that disney has done some amazing things with the movies, and Marvel in general. Overall I am pleased with the progress I have been seeing, with my favorite comic company.

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Cloak and Dagger, new series

I am a major comics fan. I read comics a lot. I spend a great deal of time reading comics.  Comics/Video Games are two of my biggest hobbies.  One of my favorite comic book characters are Cloak and Dagger.  It’s just, I enjoy everything about the comic. I am a very big fan.  I have actually collected and read through every single one of the cloak and dagger comics.  From the very first comic, until they stopped making their series. On top of that, I have read every single extra comic that was written, including their guest appearances.

On the side, I have been reading through every X-Men that was ever made. I am still fairly early in the series (back when the storyline about Storm/Illyana and magick
were going on.  So right now I have just started reading the new series of cloak and dagger. Currently, I have just read the first one.  It was good, but there were a lot of things I did not understand. Since I have not gotten that far in the X-Men. There are a lot of X-Men characters I do not currently recognize. I noticed a lot of other things that bothered me (no wolverine), I have no idea what happened to some of the characters. I don’t really want to know, but when I get there I will find out for myself in the X-Men series.

Anyway, now onto the point of this post. I want to point out my thoughts about the new comic of Cloak and Dagger.

Thoughts – Cloak and Dagger

My overall thoughts about the new series was good. The relationship between them still seem to be strong.  Please be very careful reading any further, this is going to have spoilers after this point.  So please make sure you are ready before moving forward.  So basically Cloak/Dagger start off not together. They are having issues and Cloak is basically cheating on her.  She is torn apart from it.  Events play out, and regardless at the very end Cloak/Dagger are exactly where they should be. Together, and again at the original church they were at (when everything happened with that preacher in the original series).  Regardless…I have my own thoughts about the comic.

First off, the artwork for Cloak and Dagger was amazing. The new artist was amazing.  They did a great job on both, although I wish they would have kept Tyrone’s (Cloak’s) original look. He looks a little funny now. I wish they would have kept the original way he looks.  Either way, the art is a lot better than the original and they did a wonderful job of portraying their relationship, and facial expressions.

Cloak and DaggerNow for the story.  The story for the comic was wonderful. I really liked what the new writer did.  They start off picking them up wherever they were currently at in the Marvel universe. In one issue they have corrected all the mistakes they have made. I thought it was a mistake to ever split them up like that in the first place. They belong together, they belong as a group living off of each other and fighting crime together.  They make a wonderful group and couple together regardless.  The way she has to feed him light, and the way he has to eat her light.  It keeps them both in balance and in sync.  It’s amazing.  Regardless, the artist has done the one thing I was hoping she would do.  She put them back together.  Originally, the way they were originally loved.  They always had the best stories when it was just between them.  Living together, trying to survive together, coming against the world together. Reminds me of the love story behind Bonny and Clyde (us against the world type of story). I have always loved that about cloak and dagger, and over the years they have slowly taken the story away from that.  So I want to give a personal thanks to Stuart Moore (I think he was the one that mostly decided the flow of the story). He has given me exactly what I want. It just happens to happen near my birthday. I want to express a personal things for fixing the storyline with Cloak and Dagger that marvel has been confused on for awhile. I hope you are able
to make the new series a major hit so they don’t try to cancel it again like they did originally.  They end up wanting to scrap some of their best ideas, and some of their ideas that have the best potential like when they cancelled X-Men the hidden years, they had no idea what they did when they did that. The stories of the characters could have been fleshed out a great deal more if he hadn’t of cancelled the series.

Overall, I love the new Cloak and Dagger series.  At first I was annoyed. She was with the X-Men, and so was he.  But he was cheating on her, and they were far apart.  Throughout the span of one comic, everything that Marvel messed up with these characters had been fixed, and they were both back right where they should be. I loved the way it all happened.  So again, thanks to Stuart Moore for finally beating some sense into marvel, and finally making the wonderful storyline of Cloak and Dagger, wonderful again. I am diligently awaiting the second. I hope Moore, that you can make this comic stretch out for years, and get the sales needed to make it a major hit again. It did not get the respect it deserved years ago, even though it was one of my favorite comics. Hopefully now in your hands you can make it something special.  I also enjoyed the humor that was spread throughout it as well, especially at the beginning where you were listing off the x-men.
I have already read the first one, since writing this post.  The only thing that disappoints me is they decided to make it a one shot. I thought they were turning it into an actual series..but now that I go back to try to read the second one…I realize it was a one shot which was extremely disappointing.