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Restaurant Rules – Restaurant rules for thought

Throughout my life, I have eaten out more than most people. I’ve eaten at most restaurant’s in Georgia at least once, as well as every fast food place that I’ve seen. Throughout my years of dining in and getting takeout, I’ve watched people. I’ve seen my share of mistakes at these eating places, and by customers as well. Throughout that time I’ve been able to identify a specific set of restaurant rules for customers, fast food staff, and restaurant staff. A basic set of rules that are very easy to implement, but if implemented successfully would almost guarantee perfect experiences wherever you go.

There are of course situations where it won’t help, but I’ve formed these rules after watching how these places operate, and how customers respond to certain things. Below I’ve taken a few minutes to list out these rules for Restaurants (staff, and patron) and fast food places (Cashiers, servers, and customers as well). I have a strong feeling that if any customer implemented these basic rules every time, and if fast food chains started enforcing these as rules.. then it would change the customer experience a great deal. I feel if any individual food chains started implementing a basic set of rules, and got their employee’s very serious about enforcing them… then it would change the way customer service is done in the fast food and restaurant industry.

The rules are simple and easy to understand, and as such are listed out in bullet point format below each one. Sometimes these rules are hard to follow. Especially if your in a bad mood. With that being said, it’s never too hard to spend a few minutes being polite to someone else, especially if it’s your job. Same for customers.

These are just my opinions, and a few things that I’ve noticed which would make a drastic difference in how people interacted with each other in the fast food, and restaurant business.

Restaurant Rules

Basic Restaurant Rules set

General rules – All roles and situations

  • Be polite

Restaurant Rules – Waiters

  • Approach new parties within 5 minutes of them being seated, unless your in the middle of something. If your busy, stop by for a second to let them know you’ll be with them shortly.
  • When you take orders, double check to make sure it’s correct.
  • Always record the orders on paper. I’ve seen some waiters and waitresses who never use paper, and memorize it all. However, we are only human and there are strong chances of things being missed. You won’t find very many who use this method, and get 100% accuracy on all orders. At the very least, writing it down gives the customer more peace of mind.
  • Visually check tables (from a distance is fine) every 10-15 minutes for basic stuff. If drinks are running low, top them off. If someone had alcohol, and they get low, offer another.  If you see a shortage of silverware, napkins and so forth them bring them. Basic stuff like this can go a long way.
  • Without any customer direction, never go more than 20 minutes without checking in. Sometimes though customers are having important, and private conversations. If you feel this might be the case, ask them how often they would like you to check in with them.
  • Always quality check everything that comes from the bartender, or kitchen. Make sure drinks are right, alcoholic drinks are right, double check all food that it’s right and to the specifications requested. Double checking should be a general trait that happens every time. Compare the food to the original order receipt each time. Anything that is off, take it back and have it redone. If you have a concern, and aren’t sure deliver it to the customer and check with them on a specific thing (Is the meat too hard, is it too this, or whatever).
  • Triple check everything with allergies. At each table, ask if anyone is allergic to anything. If they are, triple and quadruple check. Go above and beyond pertaining to anything with allergies. Most places require managers to step in for such orders as well. Always do everything you can to ensure this is a non-issue.

Restaurant Rules – Customers

  • Always leave a tip of around 15% with smaller parties. In large parties (10+) I recommend giving tips around 20% at least. It seems like a lot… but the horrible truth is most restaurant servers make crap pay, if any. Literally around 90% of their income, comes straight from tips.
  • Be up front and honest about your allergies. They wont’ know unless you tell them.

Fast Food Rules – Servers

  • Always repeat back the order in grave detail, before accepting payment (whether at drive through, or at a counter).
  • Double check orders before delivering them to the customer. Even if things are busy, double check every order with a mental check list. Even if it holds up the line slightly. It’s better for a slight delay initially, than people coming inside or going through drive though again when things are wrong. I worked in fast food for awhile. Even when it was very busy, as long as everyone is paying a decent amount of attention, it takes microseconds to mentally review an order before passing things out the window.
  • If straws are behind the counter, or it’s drive through always give one straw per drink WHEN The drink is provided. Instead of putting it in the bag, or giving it afterwards. For each drink you pass, including a straw with it as well. This guarantees no mismatch between straws and drinks.

Fast Food Rules – Customers

  • Speak a little louder than normal, slowly, and clearly when speaking through a drive through speaker system. Most aren’t built very well, and can be hard to hear on the other end.
  • Have payment method ready when you get to the first window.
  • Ask them to repeat the order exactly, to double check. If there’s anything they’ve forgotten in the past, remind them at the first and second window to double check it. Especially if they are busy.

General Common Sense

Keeping these restaurant rules in mind is primarily only the beginning. There are a lot of common sense things that I didn’t cover here. The food is a two way street that deserves respect all around. It needs to be from both the people ordering and receiving food, to the people taking orders and preparing food. The world has a lot of restaurant chains and even more fast food places. There are a lot of various things to enjoy, so have fun and treat each other with respect.

Devil’s Turnaround and other haunted cemeteries

I have an avid interest in supernatural, paranormal, and horror related stuff. Recently I’ve taken an interest in haunted places, and haunted sites. I live in Georgia, so it’s pretty much been a local focus (so far at least). So far I’ve had extensive experience with two places. The point of this blog post is to document the experiences from the 3 “haunted” places I’ve visited in Georgia and what I found that I considered abnormal in those locations. They were Devil’s Turnaround, Kennesaw Battlefield, and Roswell Cemetery.

The Feeling

Devil's Turnaround style cemetery

Before I start discussing the individual places I visited, Devil’s Turnaround being one of them, let me clarify the feeling. Everyone has felt this feeling at some point or another. A strange feeling. A feeling that something is wrong, your being watched, or overall tingly like there is supernatural activity around. Even those who don’t believe in anything supernatural, have at some point felt this feeling and just attribute it to something else. Below, I mention when I have that “feeling”. Normally, accompanying the feeling, is when stuff actually starts happening.

Roswell Cemetery

This one we visited due to what we read online.

Among other links.

I wanted to start with this one, because it was the least interesting. I went there once with a friend, and we walked through both sides (across the street). Obviously it was dark, probably around 2 in the morning. This experience was normal. Neither of us felt anything supernatural, saw anything, or even flashes of anything. It was no different than walking down the side walk. There was no activity of any kind in this cemetery and we left within about 20 minutes after walking throughout each part of it. It was a little naturally freaky being in the middle of the night, but besides that, we experienced nothing at this one.

Me and my friend both agreed that we were not re-visiting this one. If it is haunted, we didn’t experience anything to lead us to believe that. Not even one thing.

Kennesaw Battlefield Park

This was another place we visited, due to the reputation we read about online.

This place was something special. We went there two times, total. I am going to document each trip here.

The first time we went, it was very late at night. We pulled into the battlefield to find a place to park. Conveniently there is one parking lot that always seems to be open (even though it has a closable gate with a closed sign on it). The first time we went and pulled in, we were startled by a truck parked in the parking lot, with it’s outer lights off, but interior lights on). We immediately thought it was security and turned around to leave. Oddly, the truck started following us out so we thought perhaps it was security making sure we left. We turned off into a gas station, and they went past. It was just a lady, probably had just parked to do something or was just leaving the park.

When she was gone, we rode around the area again and went back to the parking lot. On this first trip it was just me and one of my friends. So we pulled in, and as soon as we were able to turn left, we turned left and parked all the way in the far corner. We did a full circle around the parking lot, and most of it was blocked off by a fence. The area we parked was right beside a small hill and opening heading into the woods.

After parking we headed up the hill, through a small patch of woods, and out into a giant open field. Across the field we could see the road. So 3-4 things happened while we were there this first time. The place is definitely haunted. The first thing, is in the distance we could see small creatures, about 10-15 of them. They looked too small to be deer, and too big to be wolves/coyotes. I am not ruling out any of the possibilities, but they acted odd. When we started heading in their direction they started scattering, but more of appeared to vanish out of thin air, instead of running into the woods. We only saw them the one time, and that was when we first entered the field. Were they supernatural creatures, possibly. Am I sure. No. They could have been smaller deer wolves, or coyotes. But whatever they were, when I saw them I had that strange feeling.

At the same time we saw these creatures (again, perhaps they were wolves) my friend saw a ghost image of a guy sitting on top of a horse. He described him as a confederate soldier. I didn’t see it in full, but I saw a glimpse of it before it vanished. It was there.  At that point is when the creatures starting scattering in all directions. At that same point that we had enough, and turned to head back.

One final event, probably the worst. Is I swear I saw a snake on the ground. A huge snake, that was moving. I freaked out and my friend almost shot it. However, here is the odd thing. He said it was a tube. So I looked again and it wasn’t a snake anymore, it was a giant piece of tubing… sitting in the middle of the field. I could have sworn I saw a snake.

Then on the way back through the woods, we felt something watching us and strange feelings. Got I the car and left. This place (from what I can tell) has a lot of activity). Another bad thing about this place is the field we went to was extremely wet. The dew on the ground was so bad, and the grass was a little high that my entire shoes and socks were soaked. Also if you are there really watch out for snakes. It’s an open field, and snakes, wolves or other wild animals are definitely a possibility.

After the first trip, we went back one more time. This time I went with the same friend, his brother, and his wife. This second time wasn’t really all that much to talk about. We went through the same field all the way to the road this time (no activity, except the feeling). Crossed the road and went to the battle area. Entered the area where it says visitor center, then walked all the way through the field looking for activity. The worst that happened was a pair of wolves trying to flank us (guerilla tactics it seems) but when we got a little loud they ran off. Besides that nothing really happened, besides another set of soaked shoes and socks.

A small update. Since posting this blog post, we returned to the battlefield one more time. That experience has been documented below.

We visited the battlefield again, me and one of my friend’s. We parked in the same place, and ended up walking to the main road. We walked all the way down to the visitor center and walked around in there for awhile. There were a few situations where we thought we saw things, but our minds could have been playing tricks on us. When we walked by one of the buildings we heard what we could have sworn was a door opening, so we ran and I fell down some stairs trying to get out. However when we got the nerve to return, and went around to check on the sound nothing and no one was there. Then we saw an unlocked boiler room. I opened it, but of course didn’t go in. I wasn’t going to trespass.  However, due to the sound we heard I am almost certain that we heard someone or something open that door, because it was the same sound.

Pretty interesting night, but nothing major happened.

Devil’s Turnaround – Noon Day Extension Cemetery

Devil’s Turnaround is the worst out of all the places we visited. Because of that, we visited it at least 4-5 times. Most of the time there was noticeable activity, sometimes there was very little. We always saw stuff at Devil’s Turnaround.

The first trip to Devil’s Turnaround was the worst. It took us a long time to find the place. We drove throughout 4-5 different areas of Georgia trying to locate the exact cemetery and we finally found it. All you have to do is Google “Noonday Extension Cemetery” and follow the GPS. You can’t find it very well just using the name “Devil’s Turnaround” although that’s the unofficial name for it. It will be on that road, directly off the side road. If you look off the road with a flash light you’ll see the entrance place marker. Not hard to find once you know where it is, and what your looking for.

If you either find yourself at a church on a dead end (long scary road) or if you can’t find it, then look for “Noon Day Cemetery”.  That’s noon day church. It’s the church that controls the grounds (or use to) for Devil’s Turnaround. From there you follow the road all the way back until you can turn left/right. Then you turn right on that road, and turn left into the first set of buildings. Turn left again into the parking lot when you can and park all the way to the left on the side. Away from camera’s and out of the way of traffic. Park behind one of the tree’s if you want to be hard to see from the road, and make sure you check around for cops. This place is fun, but technically you could get a ticket for being here. Although people go all the time. We even saw people there once (I will explain later). Now to get to the cemetery just walk to the road and head left down the road. You’ll see a blocked off area that you want to avoid, keep going down past a small forest, and there will be an opening directly beside that forest. Go a little ways in and you will see the cemetery marker. Those entire woods are where the cemetery is.

Now that you know how to get to Devil’s Turnaround.  The first visit was the worst. When we first parked at the building up the street from Devil’s Turnaround we were already paranoid. It was me, and two of my friends. One of them was the same one that went with me to Roswell Cemetery. When we first got there, the first thing that I Noticed (which happens every time) is a strange knocking sound off in the distance (behind the building, which I will explain in a minute). It’s just a slamming sound off in the distance like something dinging off the side of a building, but it happens every minute or less, and it’s very, very unnerving. Accompanied with it is always that same fielding of dread.

So after getting over that freaky noise, we hit the road and headed down it. The first time I was there I could have sworn I saw a ghost floating behind us, but it turned out to be car headlights and almost gave me a heart attack. We finally got to the entrance and went in. Within a few minutes my friend got punched by something that wasn’t there, and shortly thereafter got knocked clean on his butt. Landed face first into the ground. After a few minutes in, when all our nerves were high… that’s when I saw it. I saw something move from one tree to another, a man. Looking at me then vanishing behind a tree. I almost had a heart attack and took off running towards the entrance (I don’t scare easy) but I felt a horrible feeling when that happened. It took a lot for them to talk me into going back in.

Besides that, we saw a lot of stuff in those woods. Almost every few minutes we would see a face, shadows, moving and other weird things. It was very real, and very scary. My friend got touched on the shoulder by something and his shoulder was burning. Even after we left (I’ll explain in a minute). Eventually we got bored because it was reduced to randomly seeing things but nothing happening. On the way out my other friend had roped tied around his foot, that wasn’t there before. Like something in the woods was trying to hang him upside down.

After that we went back to the road, and actually went into the back area. There is a path right beside the building and a giant watering hole. So we starting going down that path. Got a ways down and saw an abandoned basketball goal, Followed the path all the way down to an abandoned building. Probably the building that use to be a bathroom. We felt a lot of weird stuff here, and it was where the knocking sound apparently was coming from… but when we were in the vicinity the knocking sound stopped. It literally only happens when your not near it, then it stops.  After that, we left.

My friend had a burning shoulder for days until he went to a pastor (someone recommended him go) who prayed for his shoulder and the burning stopped. This was just after two visits only to Devil’s Turnaround.

That was our first trip to Devil’s Turnaround, but not the last. The second time we went, we took the same people, but my friends wife also. The three things that happened was us seeing a lot of things, the same ominous feeling, and her acting weird. She was horribly sick and was about to pass out when in that place (I guess the presence of something) and as soon as we left she threw up (A lot). That was the second trip, not much to tell besides seeing things all throughout the woods.

That second trip to Devil’s Turnaround, as we were leaving, was when the scariest part happened. We went down the side road (towards the dead end church) just to turn around and see if anything weird was happening up there. On the way up there we saw a van parked in the front of a “water” tower. There is a water tower surrounding by a giant fence, and there was a trailer just sitting there. The kind of trailer that people sleep in. But it was odd. It was facing the woods with the door opened… no lights on, totally dark. So we went past it to the church, and turned around. On the way back down my friends brother rolled down the window. He called out, just checking if everything was alright. Silently something walked down the stairs and started heading for the car. Whatever it was it was huge. It was moving very quickly and appeared like a shadow. We slammed on the gas and got out of there.

Half way down the street my head lights malfunctioned and just turned off. I had to turn them on/off a few times to get them to come back on. By the way, that never happened before, and hasn’t happened since. We were curious at that point so we went back to the church again a few minutes later (and he was still there, but with the door closed) and we turned around to leave again to see, and when we got back he was gone. With how big that was it was unlikely that it drove off, it apparently just vanished. We went fast down the road to see if we could see it, but nothing was there. They can’t go fast in one of those, we would have caught up to him within seconds. But nothing was there. It was like it vanished out of thin air.

We went back multiple other times. Each time, it was about the same after that. The ominous feeling and seeing things. We went back many times, with crosses and even bibles (Since people online said those things stir up activity there). Nothing else ever happened besides just the feeling, and seeing a lot of weird stuff. We went back at least 5-6 times since then and each time was the same stuff. It appeared to have died down after it got use to us. A few other odd things happened.

At one point just me and my friend were there, and someone else was there. We saw flash lights. I guess they had a heart attack and ran as fast as they could and cleared an entire 9 foot privacy fence on the far side trying to get away. That was the one and only time we ever saw someone else there. We kept yelling to them that we were just there like they were and weren’t going to hurt them. Tried to yell out that they were more than welcome to be there with us, but that was it. They were gone and not coming back. I felt back about ruining their experience, but it happened.

Aside from that, nothing else major happened.

I have another update to report since posting this last blog post. Again we revisited this place. Me and my best friend’s brother. We visited the cemetery itself again. We walked through the entire thing. Nothing happened the entire night. Not one vision, nothing visually, no bad feelings. It was a typical night with no activity. The most  interesting thing that happened was a small white spider landed on my glasses, which almost gave me a heart attack. My friend and I were joking that the ghosts were too scared to show up, and sent their spider pets to handle their dirty work.

So another example of nothing too interesting happening.

After we finished there, we ended up going to the building that is down a path beside the cemetery. What we believe use to be an old abandoned house, or bathroom of some sort. This placed seemed weird, and we felt awkward like we were being watched. At one moment we even heard weird sounds around the corner (not like an animal) but we found nothing when we investigated. Overall it was interesting, but nothing major happened.

In Closing

My final verdict.

Old Roswell Cemetery – No activity. Not even a feeling.

Kennesaw Battlefield – Definitely a lot of activity the first time, some the second time. So definitely feel that it’s haunted just less likely to see activity, I guess especially with more people.

Devil’s Turnaround – The first time we went to Devil’s Turnaround, it was crazy. The second one as well, but not as much. The more you visit Devil’s Turnaround the more you start get “use” to you, and nothing much happens after that.

I think they all are haunted in their own way. I wish we could have found places with a lot more activity. Perhaps I’ll even travel across state at some point to see haunted places further out.


Life Programming Structures

This is a blog post that I have delayed in writing for awhile now dealing with the idea of Life Programming. It’s an idea I thought about several years ago, but I am just now getting the time to put it into words. It took me awhile to figure out how to describe my thoughts on all of this, in a way that actually made sense. I am a Christian, so I reference God a lot in this blog post. Your more than welcome to replace it with whatever reference you feel comfortable with. This post looks at life from the perspective of a program. Life programming is a concept to which you compare life to a program, controlled by a programmer, in a programming language called Life Programming.

Picture God as a programmer who programs in this language called Life Programming. He created the universe, within which he created Earth. Then on Earth he created people. Each person has their own separate, individual, livable life. Then picture, that life is lived by that individual person, with total free will on what they do, and do not do. They have ultimate free will to make their own choices, and all their own decisions. They life their “life” within the “World”.

Now picture the world around them (and life in general) is loaded with a series of “Programs” that God created (or whoever it is that you worship, or lack thereof). These programs do not “control” the humans, or take away their free will. However, they are there. They provide some restrictions, they provide balance, and they provide an overall structure where the “World” can (to an effect) run itself. It can function in, and of itself without God’s constant intervention in every single detail.

With that being said, consider the thought that within this “Life Programming” language,  there is a programmer’s override code. He can override all the laws of his own programming and do anything he wants using this override. This override is called “Divine Intervention”. With it, he is able to reach down and directly affect things, without regards to the pre-defined programs setup by him. This isn’t just in Christian faith. Even the ancient Roman and Greek mythology accounted for divine intervention of various types. Regardless of your religion, this post can be adapted to your own thought processes.

Now, let’s start looking at some of these programs setup using Life Programming, and how they potentially affect the world around us.

Life Programming


Life Programming: Karma

Karma is the widely accepted belief that “What goes around comes around”, and “Cause and affect”. There is good Karma, and bad Karma.  When people do things that are good, good things happen to them. When people do things that are bad, bad things happen to them.  This entire theory behind Karma is often subject to debate. Some believe in it, some don’t. So I am mentioning this law loosely. This is at least, how things seem to work from my perspective and from what I have seen about life around me.

Karma is both naturally, and man-made. Naturally for every good thing someone does, something good comes back onto them at some point. On the opposite end of the spectrum, for every bad thing someone does, something bad comes back onto them at some point.  This happens on both very small things, and very large things as well. This is how the natural life handles Karma. You might do something small at one point like hold a door open for someone, then later on someone holds a door open for you. Another possibility is you simply find 5.00 laying on the ground. Something small but good will happen in return for every small and good thing you did. It might happen within a few days, or a few years. However, it will happen. The same goes with large things.

In Life Programming, Karma also has a functionality side that involves man-made machinations. A good example is the legal system. If someone kills someone (at some point). If they are human, they will naturally feel guilt. They will feel horrible for what happens. This is part of Karma. Due to their bad action, they “Feel” horrible. Another cause and affect. They have to deal with the hate and anger from the victims families, friends, and potentially lovers. They “feel” this feeling and it, again, acts as Karma.  Then they have to deal with the legal aspect. The man made cause and affect system. You do something against the law, you generally get in trouble for it legally. Life takes this into account and a lot of times it will still serve as natural cause and affect. Sometimes people murder people, and get away with it or don’t go to jail. In those situations, Life itself will handle the cause and affect system naturally since it slipped through the cracks of man-made machinations.

Karma uses both man-made and natural machinations to handle cause and affect. Never have I seen this turn around not happen.  At some point when someone helps someone, or does something good it comes back on them.

For Karma though, it has to be influenced by a decision. Karma isn’t a force that is spawned from nothing. You cannot have something get Karma applied to it out of nowhere. Karma requires a decision or an action. So a person makes a decision (good or bad) and then Karma spawns FROM that decision. Which starts the cause and affect cycle (even in situations where it takes a long time to see the effect). So essentially Karma activates on a specific decision. That is the only way it activates.

Another form of Karma is direct Karma.  A bad decision simply leads to a long-term bad affect. An example is someone drinks, drives, then wrecks and dies or is seriously injured. Another example is someone chooses to smoke, gets cancer, and dies. These are direct forms of Karma. No you didn’t go hit someone, then years later see the affect of that bad decision come back as bad karma. So Karma applies to bad decisions affecting yourself as well. However Karma always plays it’s own role. Just because someone smokes, doesn’t mean the end result will be death by cancer. Something else may happen instead. If anything. The term “good and bad” are used very loosely. To some, smoking may not be bad to them if it only hurts themselves. I don’t really know what to say about all of these specifics, so I will leave them to your imagination.

As backup sources for this you can find links all over the internet. I am going to paste these links below, then move onto the next subject.

Situational Systems – Luck, Randomness, Variable Variation

Luck, randomness, and variable variation are the 3 different systems that work together, along with karma, to make everything happen in life… good and bad. When it’s not Karma that causes something to happen, it’s one of these 3 things.

Luck is when good or bad things happen based off of chance. This is a highly debate-able system. A lot of people believe in luck, while a lot of others don’t. The bible specifically speaks about luck in several places. Luck has an entire sub-culture surrounding it. It’s called superstition. A lot of people believe that a lot of things influence luck. Like knocking on wood brings good luck, walking under a ladder brings bad luck, or breaking a mirror brings bad luck. Superstition basically lays out a lot of ground rules regarding what does, and does not influence luck, and for how long. Some people believe in luck to this extreme, have a more laid back stance on luck. Perhaps they experience a few good, or bad situations and attribute it to luck. While others still hold a casual stance on luck. They primarily just associate it with poker games, and minor passing events. While still some don’t believe in it at all.

Randomness, is simply random patterns of things that happen without being caused by Luck or variable variation. They simply happen randomly, for no apparent reason, and just because. A simple example might be a meteor falling from the sky and landing on a specific car, a tree getting struck by lightning and falling on a specific house, a tornado randomly selection 5 houses but leaving one in the middle. Things like this constitute randomness. Constant, ever changing, random things that happen without any purpose, explanation, or reason. They simply happen, and they simply are. It can also come down to random small events as well.

Variable Variation, is the variable factor.  Some things happen randomly, while other things happen because of luck. most situations it’s caused by different variables. A good example. If you have a science experiment (done right) and perform a certain set of actions with certain variables, the outcome of the experiment should always be the same. This is how life works. However there are so many variables that it is impossible (absolutely impossible) to almost always get the same situation to happen twice, exactly as the previous situation. You hear a lot of people saying things like “this would not have happened if”, or “things would have been different if”. Those are basically people saying that if some of the variables to the situation where different, the outcome would have been different. Almost all professionals also tend to say “No two situations are the same”. This is another example of variables. A good example is when your trying to get a price for something, they won’t normally give you a flat price for every situation. The prices of most services changes depending on a thousand different variables and situations. Some people who might mow your yard might use several variables to price this out. The size of the yard, the height of the grass, how thick the grass is, danger of snakes, slopes in the grass, whether or not they have a riding or push mower, how many people are mowing it, how fast it needs mowed and so forth. So many different factors, or variables, might go into pricing something as simple as mowing a yard.

In Closing

I think that pretty much covers the majority of my thoughts on Life Programming. If anything else comes to mind about life programming, I might expand on this post in the future with some additional sections, and/or additional thoughts. If anyone has anything to add, throw it together in the comments and I will add a section, along with my thoughts about it, into this post.

Netherworld 2013 My Experiences

A post about Netherworld… I know it’s a little delayed, but I had a lot of other personal projects going, and have had this drafted for awhile. I finally got around to finishing it.

For the first time in my entire life I went to a haunted house. Netherworld to be exact. I have a habit (because I am a IT guy) of trying to find the best of the best when I do anything, or work with anyone. In this situation I wanted to find the best haunted house that I could drive to, and I found Netherworld. It was rated number one in Georgia.  My first thoughts were that it wasn’t going to possibly be scary. It was just weird people running around in costumes, I was wrong.

Let’s just go through my entire visit, and you can decide for yourself.

Additional information about netherworld can be found here as well.


Netherworld Parking

Finding Netherworld wasn’t that hard, with the GPS. Parking on the other hand, was a nightmare. It depends mostly on what time you get there. They open the actual haunted house at 7. I think they open the ticket booths a lot sooner. If you come REALLY early, you can get parking inside the Netherworld parking lot. There is very limited parking and they fill up quickly. After that you basically have to drive down the road, and start filling in parking lots. Every single company or parking location down the entire street sells parking, so you need an extra 5-20 dollars in cash just to pay for a parking spot. The later you come, the further down the street you find yourself parking, the more expensive it is, and the further you have to walk. We got there pretty early, had to pay 10.00 for parking and walked close to 3 blocks or better.

People can be seen walking for up to 1-2 miles from parking spots to get there.

Once parking is out of the way and you are on location, then things get started.

Tickets, Lines, and speed passes

Lines are absolutely huge if you have a standard ticket. You buy tickets for 30.00 and they are unlimited use for that night. Then you get in one (of two) lines. Each long is very long, stays long, and overall the later it gets the longer the line stays.  You can bypass the lines if you pay for a speed pass. They are 50.00 and well worth it. I plan on getting those from now on when I go for repeat years. It’s easy to get in/out of the ticket booth but there is a horrible line for each section of the haunted house.

If you don’t mind staying in line then go for it, otherwise (if you have the budget), I recommend the speed passes.

Parking Lot + Gift Shop

The Netherworld parking lot (after dark) is filled with a lot of people running around in really cool costumes. I saw a zombie type dude, a lady that was suppose to be blind with a minion she was following around, and much more. Overall the entire parking lot experience was great. Nothing was too specifically scary in the parking lot but because they ran freeform through the crowds, it’s very easy for them to get the drop on you and startle you out of nowhere. They are specially trained at sneaking up behind people and popping up at the worst possible moment. I got startled more than once definitely. They are all good actors with a good sense of humor, and very good at what they do. It makes the entire parking lot experience a lot more fun.

The gift shop is worth it. The items are pretty expensive, but they are things you can’t really get anywhere else and are almost all Netherworld themed. If you have some extra cash, you can find some cool stuff here but it’s not required to have a good time. You can enjoy the haunting house, parking lot and skip the gift shop altogether and still have a great time. If you do have the funds then most of the items I reviewed seem very high quality. We got a shirt and a jacket from them, and so far the jacket has been very high quality, so was the shirt. Everything there seemed very high quality, but still a little over priced (but what gift shop isn’t).

Haunted Houses

This specific year there were two haunted houses, each with a different theme. All I have to say about this is wow. They were both awesome experiences, both were next to terrifying, and very fast paced. The only thing I don’t like was the line format because you have someone behind you wanting you to keep moving. You can’t slow down for much time to enjoy the sites without someone rushing you, especially if you get someone annoying behind you. The first time I went I had a kid that kept poking me and saying keep moving. I was having a great time but very angry about the aggravation. The second time I went through it was at a better more enjoyable pace. So if you have the wrong people behind you, it really lowers the level of enjoyment overall.

Anyway..the special affects were top notch, the actors playing the various scary monsters were extremely enjoyable and VERY lifelike. They were both really good themes, and really great experiences. There were also several times where various environmental affects actually touched you, and certain affects leave you wondering how they are even humanly possible. There was one point when there was a bridge that really felt like it was going upside down. Even now, I cannot tell if it was really twisting sideways a lot, or if i was all an optical illusion.


In closing I am 100% sure that I will never miss another year of Netherworld. Every year I plan on going to Netherworld, buying speed passes and having a ball. I recommend anyone with the extra cash and some time on their hands to try Netherworld.  If you had a choice between any of them in Georgia, I would definitely recommend Netherworld haunted house.

Best Movies I’ve seen I Have Ever Seen

I play a lot of video games, but sometimes I get in the mood to watch movies or television shows. I’ve watched a lot in my time. This blog post is intended to highlight some of the best movies and television shows I’ve seen, to date.

I tried to make this all mostly spoiler free, but there might be a few minor ones that crept in there.


This is actually a television series so it can’t be in the best movies category, but there are several Inuyasha movies as well and they are all rank up there as some of my favorites. Inuyasha is one of my favorite anime’s that were ever created. I have seen all the episodes and all of the movies. It is a very good series to get into if you like anime. I recommend just started with episode number 1 in season 1, and just going through them one season at a time. About season 2-4 somewhere around in there, watch the movies.  It is a very good anime that will draw you in very fast. You can buy the DVD’s online but they are like 100.00 per season, at least the last time I looked. So the best bet is to find them online or look around for them. Definitely worth taking the time to watch.


By far the absolute best series I have ever seen in my life. I went all the way through the current season, and i am still watching it on TV every Tuesday.  It is the best series to get into but I do not recommend even considering getting into it mid season or not starting at season 1. You can find them all on Netflix and PSN, and Amazon. IT’s a very popular series, very easy to find, and definitely worth it. The acting in the entire series is great, and I have yet to see a bad episode. Some of them aren’t the highest quality (maybe 3 out of the entire run of seasons) but even those were good episodes.

The two main actors are some of the best I have seen and won multiple awards, and the pairing between the two is perfect.  They are great working together. I also have to say that I have not seen them cast a bad person in the shows. Every single character they introduce they seem to find the perfect actor/actress for…except perhaps in two situations, besides that they pick the best people for the best part and that really helps bring everything together into one of the best TV experiences that I have ever had the pleasure to watch in my life.

Blood Trinity

It’s another anime. It isn’t Inuyasha, but it was definitely good. It had a great story and brought some really good ideas to the table for people that have an imagination.  It is something to definitely think about if you have nothing else to do. It isn’t a very long series so it takes less than a week (if your persistent) to get through the entire series and get it wrapped up, but it’s worth every minute of it.


One of the best movies I have seen. I have seen almost every move (almost) that has come out, whether it was in the theatre or on TV. This is one of the best ones, and by the end it really makes you think. The lead actor was perfect for the part and the special affects while they are on the drugs is even better. Seeing how they react once taking the drug. The movie is very good and its highly recommended.  Especially the ending, which will leave you with a huge smile on your face.


One of my favorite movies, and definitely in the best movies category., with a pretty good plot line and two of the best child actresses I have seen to date. Child actors that actually have a great deal of talent to bring to the table, and together they really brought this movie together into an overall great experience.

White House Down

One of the better action movies. Probably one of the best ones I have seen. Jamie Fox and the other guy do a great job working together as a team. Brings in the right mix of Action/Adventure, and still keeps an air of comedy that only Jamie Fox can pull off. The movie is great from beginning to end, and one of the few movies that literally did not have any slow moments throughout. Highly recommended and definitely worth watching.

The Next Three Days

Ah..this movie holds a special place in my heart. A man’s wife is wrongly convicted of murder, so he goes out of his way to get her back. The entire movie really made me think about a lot of things about life, the justice system, and how screwed up our court system can really be. Makes you wonder how many other people could really be suffering through something similar. I kept telling myself that if it had a bad ending I would hate this movie and never watch it many times it seemed like it was going to drop off at the worst possible time, but the movie came through for me. It was  a great movie, a great ending, and just was one of the most powerful movies that I have seen to date. Probably on the list of one of my top favorite movies of all time.

The Conjuring

Saw it in the theater, and one of the only movies I have seen in the last few years that was actually scary. If you haven’t seen it, then it is urgent that you see it. If your not much into horror movies, this is a whole different style of horror movie and you will still probably like it. Very good movie, VERY good soundtrack, perfectly timed throughout the entire movie to make you jump more than you feel comfortable. It was one of the better ones that I had seen, and one of the only ones that I actually had my eye on when I first saw the advertisements. Everything was perfect from the hype, the marketing, all the way down to the implementation. Definitely recommended.


If I think of any more and/or watch anymore I will post more information about them here.

Fiction and Science Fiction – Memorable Moments

Fiction and Science Fiction are one of my strongest interests. Anything that happens in your life, is stored as a memory.  There are different strengths of memories, but every single thing that happens is a memory.  Most memories are really basic average memories, that are just there.  Others are stronger, they come to recollection more often, and are much more powerful (often emotional).  There are two major types of memories. The stronger, more personal, memories that often involve friends, family, or situations that are very close to you. Others are more typical memories that just are. The memory of drinking coffee this morning, mixed with memories of thousands of other morning if drinking coffee.

Fiction and Science FictionFor example, if you drink a cup of coffee every morning for 15 years.  That’s pretty much the same memory. Each one a little different, but overall they blur into one.  If you ask yourself, oh do I remember the third cup of coffee I ever had on that soft summer day. Probably not. That was 1 out of thousands of cups of copy every single morning, each it’s on memory. However what about that one day 360 mornings ago when you spilled coffee on the floor, tripped on it, and ended up in the emergency room for 2 days.  Well…that’s a memory that is different from all the other coffee memories. Something happened that you won’t forget. The other mornings just all blend together, this memory stands out from the rest. So is a stronger memory.

So overall I am going to be speaking about memories on a small scale. Memories you get from reading books, watching a movie, playing video games, or other basic stuff outside the realms of basic reality.  The point of this blog post is to list out some of my memorable moments in the world of fiction and science fiction, as well as fantasy. Let’s get started with a list, as listed below. Fiction and Science Fiction have always been a strong hobby of mine.

Fiction and science fiction: Memorable Moments

My memories and memorable moments pertaining to fiction and science fiction can be found below. They are listed below, in no particular order:

1. Sonic Boom – The sonic boom was a special move that was introduced in Street Fighter. This was very memorable for me. I really could relate to the characters in Street Fighter growing up. I watched the movies, played the games, and collected some of the action figures. I wasn’t a super fanatic, but as all things fantasy, fiction, and science fiction…it was a definite interest of mine.  When I first saw the sonic book, it was the entire experience that drew me in.  Everything from screaming Sonic Boom and hearing the words vibrate, all the way to the kick flip that sent the attack towards an enemy.  I use to go into my PE clash and do a kick flip and scream it, boy did I feel the power when I did that.  It was something I did as a kid and really liked, and could relate to. I occasionally think back on it, and anytime I see the Sonic Boom on TV, or think about it, it always brings a smile and some nice memories along with it.

2. Inuyasha special moves, spoken dialog – I know this is strange, but another memorable moment comes from the Inuyasha series.  Specifically the words they speak when doing special movies.  Listening to any of the episodes, anytime I hear them scream the name of one of their special attacks, I feel a rush of energy and it immediately gets my attention and gets my heart going. It makes me feel the power, and energy behind the moves, makes me feel as if I am there, standing there seeing this happen. Most of the memorable moment here comes from hearing them call out the moves, but not all of it. Seeing the moves as well in their entire affect is memorable, but it’s that initially battle call they make when first using the move.  Wind Scar, Wind Tunnel, and so forth.  Even some of the more…odd moves, like “Dance of the Dead” and so forth, always get me fired up when listening. This is similar to the sonic book listed in #1, but I wanted to separate them since they are both separate memorable moments for me, and related to two totally different things.

3. On Bakh Fight Scenes – I have seen a lot of fight movies, and a lot of fight scenes have meant a lot to me over the years. But nothing quite like some of the fight scenes that I have seen in the various On Bakh movies. They hold a special place in my heart. He has one of the most unique fighting styles out there, and even months after watching one of his movies, I find myself daydreaming I am in his position, and can feel my mind taking me through the moves. Almost see myself enacting in his style, and tearing the enemies apart.  Out of all fight scenes I have seen in all movies, these are the ones that are burnt the most into my memory, and I am specifically speaking of all the On Bakh movies, not one in particular.

4. Valkyrie Profile Lenneth – Lezard Valeth Quotes – The voice actor is absolutely amazing. What more can I say. Hearing him speak feels me with awe and wonder, and really activates my imagination.  He speaks with such authority, and really riles your emotions when playing the game, and really gets you immersed into the stories, considering that he voice acts his part of the game so well, it’s almost unreal.  It helps that all of his quotes are so well written, that they are very easy to find yourself musing over.  Overall a very good experience, and definitely one of my more memorable moments.

Fiction and science fiction is an amazing field that is pushing the envelope regarding what is possible and what isn’t. That’s it for now, those are the biggest ones I can think of. If I think of more later, and/or acquire more, then I will happily add them to this post.  For now, thanks for reading!

The master of Restaurants and all things food….

This blog has been edited as of 9/6/2014. A lot was changed, so feel free to take a look.
I am not too sure this would be considered a life achievement…but, I eat out at a lot of restaurants. I always have, and probably always will. I enjoy eating out and experiencing the different restaurants for what they have to offer. I like forging relationships with certain waiters at certain locations, and continually visiting those locations over, and over again to request the same waiters and continuing to build the relationships and friendships. Overall I have been to pretty much every single Restaurant in the area. Obviously every single restaurant, even if they are the same name but different locations, has something different to offer. Some are worse than others. However, I want to put down my list of favorite restaurants, as well as my thoughts of each of them.

Previous “Do Not Go” List

My “Do Not Go” List use to be Italian Oven, Ruby Tuesday’s, and Chili’s. That list has changed drastically.

My original post (before this edit), was as follows:

These are considered my hit list. These are restaurants that I have eaten at, but for certain reasons or another I will never go back to them (at all, ever). These are jsut ones that I will never go to. I generally do not give Restaurants more than one chance.  Surprisingly there are only a few on my Do Not Go List. They are listed below, along with the reasons. The reasons could be because of a specific location, but that is irrelevant. Once I have a bad experience there, I do not generally go back.

– The Italian Oven – Generally I love Italian food. Believe it or not, I don’t really have any problem with the food they offer. of the times I went to one of their locations (for the first time) I was totally unimpressed.  The food was not the best. It paled in comparison to some of the other Italian restaurants I like (Pasta Bella, Provinos, Scalini’s, Magianno’s).  The food was not really worth a return trip. However, the food wasn’t necessary bad. It was just mediocre (nothing special).  The main problem I had was the waiter.  They have really bad waiter’s there, at least they did the night I went there.  Every few minutes Waiters were sitting around, not doing any work, taking a lot of time off.  The one we had was almost non-existent. It was the more horrible experience I have had at any restaurant. The food just wasn’t worth risking a return trip.

– Ruby Tuesday’s – I use to eat here. Overall I have nothing against this restaurant personally. Decent food, good waiters, great environment. However..just something about their food doesn’t sit well. I use to eat there all the time.  I got sick from their food two times. Once I even passed out in the floor. Not sure if it was something I was allergic to.  Not to mention I also have this awkward  feeling about their food every time I leave. Most of the people I have gone with just feel the food is too..thick perhaps. It just always leads to bowel issues, and other unpleasantries.  It’s a good restaurant but after that strange feeling a few times, I just decided I don’t like the experience.

– Chili’s – Believe it or not, I have never had their food.  However..just something about the place I don’t like. I went in there before and it feels almost entirely like a bar environment. I just didn’t like the environment, so I don’t ever plan on eating there…well…there is a small chance I might give it a try eventually, but for the most part it never really crosses my mind to go there.

However, that list has changed.

– Italian Oven: I have not tried this place in 4-5 years. The one time I tried, at that one location, it was a disaster. Mostly because the waitress was horrible. I feel that it was a very bad experience…at that one location. Over the years (since my original writing) I feel that it’s all location based. I am starting to understand EVERY location and the people at EVERY location are drastically different.  So..I have not re-tried Italian Oven, or another location..I feel they deserve a second chance. I will, sometime in the next few months give it a try again. For now…give it a try.  It depends entirely on the location.

– Ruby Tuesday’s/Stella’s: Again it probably depends on the location. My only complaint is their food always has a strange after affect. Stella’s was recently added because it’s the same. The food always makes me feel overly food, even when I eat very little. I can “taste” preservatives maybe. I always feel..odd after eating their. I am not sure how to explain it, or why but that’s why I still avoid these places.

– Chili’s:  I was DEAD wrong about this place. Since this last posting this has turned into my FAVORITE place. I eat here now, more than any other.  Very, very great place. The food, the people, the atmosphere…I love it. I always get… Table side Guacamole, Country fried chicken with extra gravy, mash potatoes with gravy, and macaroni and cheese. Every single time and ALWAYS love going here. One of my absolute favorite places now a days.

Generic Eating Establishments

Pretty much anywhere else is open game. I enjoy a wide variety of restaurants for different reasons. I have two top favorites ones, which I will leave for the final section.  I like Applebee’s, Ted’s Montana Grill, Scalini’s, Provino’s, Red Lobster’s, TGI Friday’s, and various others. Every one has their own strengths and weaknesses.  My main favorite restaurants, and the last section of those post are listed below.

My Favorite Restaurants

Again…this list has also chagned. Almost every single place in the list has changed. My original list was as follows:

Now for the crowing achievement.  Out of all the years of eating out, the thousands of restaurants I have eaten at (some close to 100 times), I have gotten together a list of my favorite of the favorites. I have listed below the name of each restaurant that I consider favorite, and why. They are listed in the order of likeableness (I know this isn’t a word).


This is one of the top restaurants.  This probably ties first place with my other favorite.  Provino’s is a special restaurant. It’s what is called a scratch kitchen. It means they make everything from scratch, on the spot when it’s ordered.  Meaning if you order something, you also have the ability to mix/match different things from the menu so they turn out exactly like you want them to.  You have full control over everything in the menu.   It is an Italian restaurant.  Ironically enough I always order the same thing here, every single time (without fail). I order the Cannoloni & Bianca Extra Cheese X3. Then I throw about a half a bottle of their cheese on top of it.  Then I get a sweat tea.  Every single time.  This place is my favorite, it’s the place I like the most, and my first choice most of the time. Scalini’s owns Provino’s..they also make the same thing that I get from Provino’s. I do not Scalini’s a lot…but they have one issue of not making that dish right. They always burnt it, and don’t make it to the perfection that Provino’s does.

Edit: Unfortunately I haven’t been here in a LONG time. I have my reasons, and the food was still good..but I have found better. This is a good restaurant, but not my favorite anymore.

Red Lobster’s

Now this is perfection. It ties first place with Provino’s.  This is one of the best places I have ever eaten out..but they are much more expensive than any other place. So I eat her seldom. I do eat here quite often, but I try to be careful because of the price. I always end up getting one of their three primary 20.00 dishes. They seafood trio, or ultimate lobster, and some other thing they have. My favorite thing on the entire menu is one of their sides, it’s the Lobster Languinisto (I am not sure the exact name). That is my favorite dish. I order that side every single time I come here.  The environment is great, and I like eating here just as much as Provinos.

Second Rate Italian Restaurants (Scalini’s/Magianno’s)

I don’t say second rate out of disrespect. These are two of my favorite restaurants. However, they are not “The” Italian restaurant.  They are not my favorite. Although, I would be totally happy eating at one fo them. I kind of pick/choose what I am in the mood for based off the time when I go to these. Magianno’s they have one thing I really like a lot, but lately I have been having a hard time remembering exactly what pasta dish it was, so lately when I go there, I just try stuff to see if Ic an find that original dish that I liked there so much.  I will be very happy the day I remember what it was.


Both of these restaurants I enjoy a lot. They are cheaper budget, and I normally end up going to one or the other when I am on a smaller budget.  It use to be mostly Apple-bee’s. I like the environment mostly, but there are only a few things on their menu I really like (baby back ribs for example). The main reason I went there for so long, is because of the people there. It seems to be the best people around, at least the location
we go to. I am a little angry with them overall for the fiasco they were in the middle of in the past, that itme that one of their members accidentally gave Alcohol to a child. I have been more of getting away from that place since I found that out. I still go there sometimes.  In general, O’Charleys has pretty much replaced it. Their spicy pepper jack cheese wedges are always what I dive into for the appetizer, with a sweat tea, and then different various things off their menu depending on my mood. The main thing normally ends up being their seafood trio. It’s obviously not anywhere near as good as Red Lobster, but it still tastes great and is totally worth it for the trip. The pepper-jack cheese wedges alone make it more than worth it.

Now, my thoughts about the above.

Provino’s – Still a good place, but I found better.

Red Lobsters – Just got sick of it because I went for so long, and so much…I found something better, for me.

Scalini’s Magianno’s – I go back here sometimes…but again, I found better. I don’t visit these two as much anymore.

Apple-Bee’s/O-Charleys – Barely ever. I had a bad experience at O-Charley’s with a manager at one of the locations and stopped going, for a long time. I still don’t go. For Apple-Bee’s, again I just got tired of eating there after awhile of eating their so long.

Now…my new list is very simple.

Gus’s Restaurants – Marietta Fish Market, Marietta Diner (my least favorite of the four, but still good), Cherokee Cattle Company, and Pasta Bella. These are my favorite places now. I have a preferred waiter at Marietta Fish Market, and Cherokee Cattle Company.  These places are owned by a guy named Gus, and he is one of the best owners I have met. He is down to earth, and a great owner. These places quickly became my top favorite. The two I really visit the most are the Marietta Fish Market and Cherokee Cattle Company. The rest I visit occassionally, but they are nowhere near as good as these two. Especially because of the people their, even the managers. It’s a great environment, with a great owner, and equally great food.

Chili’s – I love chili’s I explained in my “do not go list”. My how things change. I cannot get enough of this place. The people, the food, the environment. It’s currently my “all time” favorite place. At least the specific location I visit.


Well that’s about it. I might revise this list as I think of more stuff, or as more restaurant’s come to mind. It’s definitely something interesting..and maybe it can help you when trying to think of somewhere to go.  This is not all the restaurants I have been to, that’s why I said I may revise it in the future as more stuff comes to mind.

Release History


– Edited the “Do not go” list.
– Edited my “Favorite Restaurant list”
– Cleaned up some spelling and grammar.
– Cleaned up some of the formatting of the post as well.
– This is a work in progress. I will be updating this post more in the coming days/weeks. This current iteration isn’t done, so this is only a partial update for today.
– Added release history, and went back and cleaned it up.

Release Date:

– Original Version

Google Plus – How are you using it

I just wanted to share a few personal tips about Google Plus, that might help some people stay organized.

Google Plus Tips

1. I use one circle for my main interests.  I only put people or pages in here that I intend to read every single update on.  I want to see every post they make, or every thing they do.  Generally this if for interests like various companies associated with comics, or video games…or other things that I have a heavy interest for. Things I do not mind seeing in my feed every single day.

2. I use another circle for “Everything else”.  I have a habit of only keeping people in this circle, that have been added.  Simply put..every one who has added me and wants to see my posts, I have added them into a separate circle called Separate Contacts. When I am in the mood, I can pop over to that feed and see what all is there, and respond accordingly if I choose.

Google Plus3. I do not like imposing on people, or anyone. If someone does not have me added to their circles (for whatever reason) I do not want to have them added to mine so they won’t get flooded with my public posts.  SO what I do, is about every 3 months I will go in and delete every one from that circle (completely delete the circle. Then I will go to my list of people who have me in their circles, but are not in mine. Then I will move them all into a new circle named the same.  This basically refreshes my list. Overtime people take me off because of posts they don’t want to see, or over posting, or lack of interest. When this happens I like syncing them.  That way I always have just the people who have added me, which is just the way I like things on Google Plus.

4. In Google Plus I use one circle for everything I want to see regular updates for.  Any Google Page, or person that I am interested in seeing every single post from, I put here. Also major interests, or things that I do not want to miss something on. Generally this is reserved to company pages, or pages that I want to see constant updates for..or certain people that I want to see all posts from. I don’t put any general contacts in here. Only things that I want to see every single post from so that I can review them every day.  Also the people are in a separate area, so I  only have to review their posts when I am interested in them, or are in the mood.

I like Google Plus a lot, it’s much better..and easier to handle privacy than something like Facebook..which I don’t much care for.

Harry Potter Series – Overall thoughts

I recently finished all of the entire Harry Potter movies. I did this without ever previously reading any of the books (something that’s still on my hobby to-do list. I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV, as I have many other hobbies as well (Video games, development, writing and so forth). However when I do, what I watch ranges from fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror action/adventure, shooting, comedy… so pretty much anything.

Harry Potter – First Thoughts

Overall the movies were well put together with a good cast of actors. I believe they were all worth the time required to sit through them. Most people probably watched them as they were released. But there was a certain bonus involved with being able to watch them all at once back to back (binge watching). The biggest bonus for me was watching all the same actors mature throughout the roles, and put the store together as they aged over the years. I just started watching it not long after the final movie was available outside of theatres. The movie cast was well selected and well put together. A few of them could have been different and the roles might have turned out better, but all the major ones were well selected. A lot of them got there burst to stardome from these movies.

I don’t think any other group could have pulled off the three friends as good as the current actors did.  They were amazing…and they made the world extremely believable.  The acting was perfect, music was perfect, storyline was perfect. The only thing about the series of movies that made me angry, was the fact that they ended. The ending to me was very good, but I wish they had expanded the story much longer.  Perhaps that’s being greedy…I mean how many other series really get 7 movies, but regardless it deserved it. I think they did a wonderful job on the entire series.

I can’t wait to read the books…I intend to read them within 1-2 months, and I will post my thoughts on them into this blog post.  Most people think it’s a child’s story…but far from it. The first 1 (perhaps 2) were in the children section, after that they took off heavily with an adult/young adult audience.  It is more than worth it, and the entire series was a wonderful entertainment piece.

Lost Pet – What to do if you lose a pet

Most of us have been there.  You have a pet/animal that your really close to, and one day they go missing.  Your not quite sure what happened. Perhaps they got out of the fence, or they got through the front door when you were not looking..regardless, you find yourself with a lost pet. A missing a member of your family.  What do you do now? A lost pet is never a good thing. I have been in this situation quite a few times…and have learnt a few tricks over that period of that, that I want to pass onto you.

Tip One: Look vigorously in all the right areas

The first and most important thing is to check your house, and yard. A lot of times animals return to places they are familiar with, this is especially true for cats. I had a cat that I had for 6 years…he got out somehow, and we never found out how.  We spent 6 hours looking for him. Up and down every street, through every yard, in every forest. We searched vigorously within cat walking distance of our house.  Finally after giving up, we found
him in the back yard in the woods just resting on a fallen tree trunk.  That entire time, he had been right under our noses…lesson learned, always try to check in the most obvious places first (you never know).

Tip Two: Tap into all your resources

Tap into every resource you have. Make signs, hang them all over the place. Contact every neighbor on your street and try to get as many people involved as you can.  Check your local pounds, human societies, and rescues for them.  Check around newspaper ads for found animals, and sign up for all the major pet finder websites.  Anything that helps get out the word that you are missing an animal, and/or details about the animal (as many as possible, and images when possible.

Tip Three: Reward

Lost petThe world can be a greedy place. Certain people who might not normally turn in your lost pet, or might not even bother to stop and try to get your animal if they see it, might be more persuaded with money.  If you are in a position to do so, then offer a reward.  Do not specify how much in the reward, but just put down that you are offering a reward…that’ll get people more motivated than just trying to help naturally, and you want the situation to get all of the attention that it can and deserve.  The reward may not seem like much, but it will go a long ways.


The best time to do something about a lost, is before they go missing. Prevention is always the best medicine.  Always do the most obvious first. Get the animal microchipped, get it registered with any main registration services that are available, keep up to date pictures/videos available on a regular basis (update photo’s/videos monthly with fresh shots from all angles. It’s better to have images in case they go missing, than not…Also you can do other stuff like start putting aside money for a reward….strange as it may sound, it’s almost like an emergency fund. If you take out around 100-150 dollars (or however much you want, and set it aside and never touch it…forget it exists…you’ll be glad you have it if one of your pets goes missing.  This will allow you to have money available for a reward, and not have to go into financial difficulties at the time of the missing animal.  Get collars, nameplates and other things together and on your animals ahead of time.  Around 50% of animals that go missing would normally be returned to the rightful owner if they just had the animals name and phone number on a collar that never comes off…that goes for Cat’s as well.

Spend the prevention time also preparing other areas of the house…double checking any fencing, getting a privacy fence, securing windows/doors in your home so animals can’t get out, implementing new house policies on coming/going from the house to triple check for all animals are safe and inside before any trips.  For cat’s, the best prevention is to avoid having outside cats. I have never believed in them…I feel much safer with them safe and in the house…if you have cats, consider making them permanently inside cats.  Also try not to declaw your cats if you have any…they rely on this for defense, if they ever got out and got attacked by something…without claws there is a great chance they would die. If you keep there claws on, then that might just save their lives’ that one time they get out of the house when you least expect it.


Overall, a lost pet is never a fun situation to deal with. I’ve never had a good experience when one of mine went missing. Luckily there are things you can do, some of them described in this blog post, that will help you prevent a lost pet situation from happening, or help to find them when it does.

Additional Resources

There are a lot of other websites throughout the internet that can provide advice, help, and resources for those facing a lost pet situation. This site for example provides paid services to help pet owners find their lost pet. Other companies like this exist, as well as online free resources to aid in your search.