Devil’s Turnaround and other haunted cemeteries

I have an avid interest in supernatural, paranormal, and horror related stuff. Recently I’ve taken an interest in haunted places, and haunted sites. I live in Georgia, so it’s pretty much been a local focus (so far at least). So far I’ve had extensive experience with two places. The point of this blog post is to document the experiences from the 3 “haunted” places I’ve visited in Georgia and what I found that I considered abnormal in those locations. They were Devil’s Turnaround, Kennesaw Battlefield, and Roswell Cemetery.

The Feeling

Devil's Turnaround style cemetery

Before I start discussing the individual places I visited, Devil’s Turnaround being one of them, let me clarify the feeling. Everyone has felt this feeling at some point or another. A strange feeling. A feeling that something is wrong, your being watched, or overall tingly like there is supernatural activity around. Even those who don’t believe in anything supernatural, have at some point felt this feeling and just attribute it to something else. Below, I mention when I have that “feeling”. Normally, accompanying the feeling, is when stuff actually starts happening.

Roswell Cemetery

This one we visited due to what we read online.

Among other links.

I wanted to start with this one, because it was the least interesting. I went there once with a friend, and we walked through both sides (across the street). Obviously it was dark, probably around 2 in the morning. This experience was normal. Neither of us felt anything supernatural, saw anything, or even flashes of anything. It was no different than walking down the side walk. There was no activity of any kind in this cemetery and we left within about 20 minutes after walking throughout each part of it. It was a little naturally freaky being in the middle of the night, but besides that, we experienced nothing at this one.

Me and my friend both agreed that we were not re-visiting this one. If it is haunted, we didn’t experience anything to lead us to believe that. Not even one thing.

Kennesaw Battlefield Park

This was another place we visited, due to the reputation we read about online.

This place was something special. We went there two times, total. I am going to document each trip here.

The first time we went, it was very late at night. We pulled into the battlefield to find a place to park. Conveniently there is one parking lot that always seems to be open (even though it has a closable gate with a closed sign on it). The first time we went and pulled in, we were startled by a truck parked in the parking lot, with it’s outer lights off, but interior lights on). We immediately thought it was security and turned around to leave. Oddly, the truck started following us out so we thought perhaps it was security making sure we left. We turned off into a gas station, and they went past. It was just a lady, probably had just parked to do something or was just leaving the park.

When she was gone, we rode around the area again and went back to the parking lot. On this first trip it was just me and one of my friends. So we pulled in, and as soon as we were able to turn left, we turned left and parked all the way in the far corner. We did a full circle around the parking lot, and most of it was blocked off by a fence. The area we parked was right beside a small hill and opening heading into the woods.

After parking we headed up the hill, through a small patch of woods, and out into a giant open field. Across the field we could see the road. So 3-4 things happened while we were there this first time. The place is definitely haunted. The first thing, is in the distance we could see small creatures, about 10-15 of them. They looked too small to be deer, and too big to be wolves/coyotes. I am not ruling out any of the possibilities, but they acted odd. When we started heading in their direction they started scattering, but more of appeared to vanish out of thin air, instead of running into the woods. We only saw them the one time, and that was when we first entered the field. Were they supernatural creatures, possibly. Am I sure. No. They could have been smaller deer wolves, or coyotes. But whatever they were, when I saw them I had that strange feeling.

At the same time we saw these creatures (again, perhaps they were wolves) my friend saw a ghost image of a guy sitting on top of a horse. He described him as a confederate soldier. I didn’t see it in full, but I saw a glimpse of it before it vanished. It was there.  At that point is when the creatures starting scattering in all directions. At that same point that we had enough, and turned to head back.

One final event, probably the worst. Is I swear I saw a snake on the ground. A huge snake, that was moving. I freaked out and my friend almost shot it. However, here is the odd thing. He said it was a tube. So I looked again and it wasn’t a snake anymore, it was a giant piece of tubing… sitting in the middle of the field. I could have sworn I saw a snake.

Then on the way back through the woods, we felt something watching us and strange feelings. Got I the car and left. This place (from what I can tell) has a lot of activity). Another bad thing about this place is the field we went to was extremely wet. The dew on the ground was so bad, and the grass was a little high that my entire shoes and socks were soaked. Also if you are there really watch out for snakes. It’s an open field, and snakes, wolves or other wild animals are definitely a possibility.

After the first trip, we went back one more time. This time I went with the same friend, his brother, and his wife. This second time wasn’t really all that much to talk about. We went through the same field all the way to the road this time (no activity, except the feeling). Crossed the road and went to the battle area. Entered the area where it says visitor center, then walked all the way through the field looking for activity. The worst that happened was a pair of wolves trying to flank us (guerilla tactics it seems) but when we got a little loud they ran off. Besides that nothing really happened, besides another set of soaked shoes and socks.

A small update. Since posting this blog post, we returned to the battlefield one more time. That experience has been documented below.

We visited the battlefield again, me and one of my friend’s. We parked in the same place, and ended up walking to the main road. We walked all the way down to the visitor center and walked around in there for awhile. There were a few situations where we thought we saw things, but our minds could have been playing tricks on us. When we walked by one of the buildings we heard what we could have sworn was a door opening, so we ran and I fell down some stairs trying to get out. However when we got the nerve to return, and went around to check on the sound nothing and no one was there. Then we saw an unlocked boiler room. I opened it, but of course didn’t go in. I wasn’t going to trespass.  However, due to the sound we heard I am almost certain that we heard someone or something open that door, because it was the same sound.

Pretty interesting night, but nothing major happened.

Devil’s Turnaround – Noon Day Extension Cemetery

Devil’s Turnaround is the worst out of all the places we visited. Because of that, we visited it at least 4-5 times. Most of the time there was noticeable activity, sometimes there was very little. We always saw stuff at Devil’s Turnaround.

The first trip to Devil’s Turnaround was the worst. It took us a long time to find the place. We drove throughout 4-5 different areas of Georgia trying to locate the exact cemetery and we finally found it. All you have to do is Google “Noonday Extension Cemetery” and follow the GPS. You can’t find it very well just using the name “Devil’s Turnaround” although that’s the unofficial name for it. It will be on that road, directly off the side road. If you look off the road with a flash light you’ll see the entrance place marker. Not hard to find once you know where it is, and what your looking for.

If you either find yourself at a church on a dead end (long scary road) or if you can’t find it, then look for “Noon Day Cemetery”.  That’s noon day church. It’s the church that controls the grounds (or use to) for Devil’s Turnaround. From there you follow the road all the way back until you can turn left/right. Then you turn right on that road, and turn left into the first set of buildings. Turn left again into the parking lot when you can and park all the way to the left on the side. Away from camera’s and out of the way of traffic. Park behind one of the tree’s if you want to be hard to see from the road, and make sure you check around for cops. This place is fun, but technically you could get a ticket for being here. Although people go all the time. We even saw people there once (I will explain later). Now to get to the cemetery just walk to the road and head left down the road. You’ll see a blocked off area that you want to avoid, keep going down past a small forest, and there will be an opening directly beside that forest. Go a little ways in and you will see the cemetery marker. Those entire woods are where the cemetery is.

Now that you know how to get to Devil’s Turnaround.  The first visit was the worst. When we first parked at the building up the street from Devil’s Turnaround we were already paranoid. It was me, and two of my friends. One of them was the same one that went with me to Roswell Cemetery. When we first got there, the first thing that I Noticed (which happens every time) is a strange knocking sound off in the distance (behind the building, which I will explain in a minute). It’s just a slamming sound off in the distance like something dinging off the side of a building, but it happens every minute or less, and it’s very, very unnerving. Accompanied with it is always that same fielding of dread.

So after getting over that freaky noise, we hit the road and headed down it. The first time I was there I could have sworn I saw a ghost floating behind us, but it turned out to be car headlights and almost gave me a heart attack. We finally got to the entrance and went in. Within a few minutes my friend got punched by something that wasn’t there, and shortly thereafter got knocked clean on his butt. Landed face first into the ground. After a few minutes in, when all our nerves were high… that’s when I saw it. I saw something move from one tree to another, a man. Looking at me then vanishing behind a tree. I almost had a heart attack and took off running towards the entrance (I don’t scare easy) but I felt a horrible feeling when that happened. It took a lot for them to talk me into going back in.

Besides that, we saw a lot of stuff in those woods. Almost every few minutes we would see a face, shadows, moving and other weird things. It was very real, and very scary. My friend got touched on the shoulder by something and his shoulder was burning. Even after we left (I’ll explain in a minute). Eventually we got bored because it was reduced to randomly seeing things but nothing happening. On the way out my other friend had roped tied around his foot, that wasn’t there before. Like something in the woods was trying to hang him upside down.

After that we went back to the road, and actually went into the back area. There is a path right beside the building and a giant watering hole. So we starting going down that path. Got a ways down and saw an abandoned basketball goal, Followed the path all the way down to an abandoned building. Probably the building that use to be a bathroom. We felt a lot of weird stuff here, and it was where the knocking sound apparently was coming from… but when we were in the vicinity the knocking sound stopped. It literally only happens when your not near it, then it stops.  After that, we left.

My friend had a burning shoulder for days until he went to a pastor (someone recommended him go) who prayed for his shoulder and the burning stopped. This was just after two visits only to Devil’s Turnaround.

That was our first trip to Devil’s Turnaround, but not the last. The second time we went, we took the same people, but my friends wife also. The three things that happened was us seeing a lot of things, the same ominous feeling, and her acting weird. She was horribly sick and was about to pass out when in that place (I guess the presence of something) and as soon as we left she threw up (A lot). That was the second trip, not much to tell besides seeing things all throughout the woods.

That second trip to Devil’s Turnaround, as we were leaving, was when the scariest part happened. We went down the side road (towards the dead end church) just to turn around and see if anything weird was happening up there. On the way up there we saw a van parked in the front of a “water” tower. There is a water tower surrounding by a giant fence, and there was a trailer just sitting there. The kind of trailer that people sleep in. But it was odd. It was facing the woods with the door opened… no lights on, totally dark. So we went past it to the church, and turned around. On the way back down my friends brother rolled down the window. He called out, just checking if everything was alright. Silently something walked down the stairs and started heading for the car. Whatever it was it was huge. It was moving very quickly and appeared like a shadow. We slammed on the gas and got out of there.

Half way down the street my head lights malfunctioned and just turned off. I had to turn them on/off a few times to get them to come back on. By the way, that never happened before, and hasn’t happened since. We were curious at that point so we went back to the church again a few minutes later (and he was still there, but with the door closed) and we turned around to leave again to see, and when we got back he was gone. With how big that was it was unlikely that it drove off, it apparently just vanished. We went fast down the road to see if we could see it, but nothing was there. They can’t go fast in one of those, we would have caught up to him within seconds. But nothing was there. It was like it vanished out of thin air.

We went back multiple other times. Each time, it was about the same after that. The ominous feeling and seeing things. We went back many times, with crosses and even bibles (Since people online said those things stir up activity there). Nothing else ever happened besides just the feeling, and seeing a lot of weird stuff. We went back at least 5-6 times since then and each time was the same stuff. It appeared to have died down after it got use to us. A few other odd things happened.

At one point just me and my friend were there, and someone else was there. We saw flash lights. I guess they had a heart attack and ran as fast as they could and cleared an entire 9 foot privacy fence on the far side trying to get away. That was the one and only time we ever saw someone else there. We kept yelling to them that we were just there like they were and weren’t going to hurt them. Tried to yell out that they were more than welcome to be there with us, but that was it. They were gone and not coming back. I felt back about ruining their experience, but it happened.

Aside from that, nothing else major happened.

I have another update to report since posting this last blog post. Again we revisited this place. Me and my best friend’s brother. We visited the cemetery itself again. We walked through the entire thing. Nothing happened the entire night. Not one vision, nothing visually, no bad feelings. It was a typical night with no activity. The most  interesting thing that happened was a small white spider landed on my glasses, which almost gave me a heart attack. My friend and I were joking that the ghosts were too scared to show up, and sent their spider pets to handle their dirty work.

So another example of nothing too interesting happening.

After we finished there, we ended up going to the building that is down a path beside the cemetery. What we believe use to be an old abandoned house, or bathroom of some sort. This placed seemed weird, and we felt awkward like we were being watched. At one moment we even heard weird sounds around the corner (not like an animal) but we found nothing when we investigated. Overall it was interesting, but nothing major happened.

In Closing

My final verdict.

Old Roswell Cemetery – No activity. Not even a feeling.

Kennesaw Battlefield – Definitely a lot of activity the first time, some the second time. So definitely feel that it’s haunted just less likely to see activity, I guess especially with more people.

Devil’s Turnaround – The first time we went to Devil’s Turnaround, it was crazy. The second one as well, but not as much. The more you visit Devil’s Turnaround the more you start get “use” to you, and nothing much happens after that.

I think they all are haunted in their own way. I wish we could have found places with a lot more activity. Perhaps I’ll even travel across state at some point to see haunted places further out.


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