Dishonored….Great game, even better developer

Dishonored was a good game, and has already started considering upcoming DLS as of today. This is going to a short blog post pertaining to a live question and answer event for Dishonored, the video game. The developers of the newest first person shooter (Dishonored) surprised a lot of fans by staging a Q and A event on Raptr. It turned out to be very popular and they are currently answering fan questions right now.
I might write blog posts in the future pertaining to Dishonored, and things I’ve learned and experienced while playing the game.
If you end up missing the live event, there’s a chain you can review the history of the Question and Answer log anytime at the same link below.

Dishonored – Live Event Details

The event can be reviewed Here.

If your interested in asking questions or watching the conversation, you can do so now. Don’t hesitate to make an account and ask your questions as well. The Dishonored developers don’t do these types of events very often.  My questions were pertaining to the mind set of the little girl at the end, and how the developers would react in her situation.  There were a lot of really good questions here, and I have  been continuously tracking the developer answers.  I wish more developers would participate to this degree.  I enjoy Raptr a great deal. I liked Playfire as well, but their trackers aren’t working at all. I’ll have fun there more once their trackers are totally up and running again.

Dishonored is a great game and I hope they carry on events like this in the future, as well as for other popular games.
More information about the game and the development team behind it can be found here and the games main website is here.
Feel free to share your experiences pertaining to this event, and other Dishonored related events in the comments below.

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