Dishonored list of tips – Too short to be a full FAQ on Gamefaqs.

Enough to be helpful…but not enough to make an official FAQ out of. (Minor spoilers perhaps).

Tips for stealth games.

1. Tall Boys cannot be stealth-ed. Best to avoid them all together. There are a total (if my count is correct) 9 in the entire game. Only during one mission are you able to use a Pylon to eliminate them with stealth. Besides that, avoid them the entire game. They are not hard to avoid. Just be wary when your in areas where they walk. They generally path the same route MUCH more reliable as compared to normal guards.

2. Rats, Hounds, or any other animals don’t count towards lethal. So if you kill them you can still get a full non-lethal playthrough. NOTE, I am not 100% sure about hounds, but I am almost entirely sure. A lot of research online points to this, but I haven’t tested it out specifically. I did test this out on Rats though. I also do not think the acid spitters count either. So you can kill them, as they are not classified as humans and they are extremely.

3. Be careful with bodies. If you choke out someone, be very careful. It’s very easy to kill them. If you throw them the wrong way they die. So just set them down nicely. The game is a little glitchy in some areas so take great care of bodies. However… it’s also not advised to necessarily leave a lot of guards standing. As when your passing through areas several times (going back and forth between mission objectives, fulfilling optional quests, exploring) You don’t want to have to face the same guards every single time.

4. To my knowledge WEEPERS count. If they see you, you are detected, if you kill them then it’s counted lethal. So….avoid weepers just as you would guards. From my knowledge they are a little more stupid. They are easier to avoid and full. The only exception (spoilers) is in the sewers late in the game. If you watch them very carefully there are ways to avoid this, but to me..this is the most dangerous part when dealing with weepers because their are so many of them.

5. DO NOT be afraid to choke out civilians. More than once I had one scream because they saw me, alerting guards. I got in the habit of choking out every civilian. I don’t mean all of them. I more of mean the ones ON missions (SPOILER) like in the golden cat. Choking out all the “Working girls” (as close to a social acceptable word I can think of) is definitely a good idea. They are all over the place. If one sees you she will scream instantly. So it is a very good idea to choke them out as you go. Literally clear them out of each area as your going through, to make sure you wont’ accidentally run into one as you go back through the mission searching for stuff.

6. There is ALWAYS multiple paths to take. There are ALWAYS non-lethal ways to defeat every enemy, and take out every boss. The only exception being the tall boys. However…..My personal experience tells me that there might be a hidden way to take out Tallboys by stealth. With how much they added to the game, I really do think there is a non-lethal way to take out the tallboys. Every single bit of research online, and playing around in-game tells me otherwise…but i’m not giving up on finding a solution for this. I did find an easier way to avoid them. Get your possession up to level 2. Posses a tall boy and take them far away from their starting location, then while they are recovering, run back to your location. One thing I have not tried I doubt it works) is get behind them, and do a blink up but try the chokeout controls. That is worth a try…not sure if it’ll work or not. I’m guessing someone has tried that already.

Lethal Tips

1. Tall boys are VERY easy to kill by learning and practicing the technique I am about to outline.. There are several ways but this is what I do. I do one or the other. When I have enough mana, I do a “Bend Time”. Then switch to blink. Blink right on the center of the person standing on the Tall Boy, even from the front is fine. Time a stab at EXACTLY the right moment. If done right, you’ll grab them and stab them and kill them. It took me 2-3 tries…but once I got it right twice, I was able to master it. Upon mastering it, don’t worry about bend time. Just get as close to them as possible (with stealth) and then run out, blink up to them and stab them. Stand still for a few seconds to position blink, you might take a small bit of damage (if not careful) but you won’t waste much mana. Especially if you need to take out several of them. After taking out about 3 of them you’ll get the timing perfect. I got so fast that (Spoiler) when I was exiting the flood area, I was able to kill all 3 of them without bend time, out in the open (avoiding their attacks, and going from one to another (blink/stab) until they were all destroyed. I will add more tips/ideas to this original post as I receive them, or as people give me feedback in the comments. Again…this is too little for a full Gamefaqs walk through, but just enough for a forum post. I’ll add more tips to this by editing the original post when I think of them.

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