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Fallout: New Vegas is a great game. I love everything about it.  However, I lost my game due to a glitch.  Which makes me want to write a blog post, so people would beware of some of the current issues with the game.  This is valid on 11/28/2010.  Hopefully they will create a patch for the game that will fix it.  All of these glitches specifically speak about the 360 version of the game.


The glitches that I know about are listed below. Hopefully this’ll help someone avoid these.  In the section below this, I have offered advice on how to keep from losing your game to the glitches.

Missing Items

This is a critical bug.  Most of the storage areas in the game are unsafe.  I mean very unsafe. You will put stuff in them, come back later and it will be gone.  I think it has something to do with the game cache clearing. It does that to preserve memory.  The strange thing is, items that were originally in the crates are done two ways.  They are either preset, or random.  The preset ones end up showing the same items every time, until you pick them up. The random ones, are randomized until you pick them up. For the most part when you take everything out of any container, the container is then empty. The stuff inside of them does not respawn (as far as I know).  The other thing to remember is the only exception is vending machines.  They restock occasionally).

Everything above is standard functionality.  That is how the crates and storage devices in the game work.  The bug comes into play when you try to store something in a container.  Whether it’s a crate, refrigerator, or something else.  There are two types of storage.  Safe and Unsafe.  Safe storage is storage that you can put something in, and it won’t clear out.  Unsafe (most of them in the game) means that if you put something in them there is a strong chance that the game will clear them out at some point.  That is unfortunate.  You might store a bunch of valuable stuff in a location, come back later and the game emptied the memory. It’s gone forever.  Basically trying to list all unsafe storage in the game is impossible. It would take forever.  So what I am going to do is just offer one suggestion.  Unless you have 100% verification that something is safe, use it in only one area.

First let me describe the ones I know are unsafe, that I tested.  A lot of the stuff in the lucky 38 presidential suite is not safe. Especially workbench 1, and 2.  I haven’t had issues with the weapon caches, and clothes area or refrigerators, but I make no guarantees.

In the entire game, there is only 1 place that I 100% trust.  I trust the Mojave drop boxes as temporary storage. I have never had anything deleted from those. However, I don’t recommend leaving massive quantities of items in there forever.  I would only use it to send stuff to your main location. With that said.  If you go to Novac (which isn’t far from the starting area) pretty early in the game. Talk to the girl inside the room right outside it and buy a room. Go through the gate.  Right up the stairs to your left, first room on the left.  This room.  If you walk inside the room and look at the tv, look down. You’ll see a safe.  I am 100% sure that this safe is 100% safe. I am 100% sure that nothing will ever be deleted from this contained no matter how long you leave it in there. I am pretty sure the rest of the storage areas are safe, but I am not going to make that promise since I have not tested them.  The safe, I can promise is safe. You would never lose anything in that one. I can stake a life insurance policy on it.

OK, so here is what I do. Anytime I am ANYWHERE in the game, I always send stuff to Novac drop box when I am full. Then when I get around to it, I go to novac and put EVERYTHING I don’t want on me, and don’t want to sell.  The game stores it all.

With all that out of the way I have one more thing to say.  USE THE LUCKY 38 AT YOUR OWN RISK. I lost thousands of caps worth of misc items in those stupid work benches.  Just knowing that those are unsafe, makes me question the remaining areas.  I highly recommend avoiding this place.  If you do, use it at your own risk. Just know I haven’t had any issues with the refrigerator, weapon chest 1, or apparel chest 1.  Those 3 things I have not currently had any issues with.  There is one more heavy glitch down below, which is why I DO NOT RECOMMEND using the lucky 38. I lost my entire game (60 hour game) because of a glitch in the lucky 38, which I am going to explain later on.

Area Discongifuration

Simple bug. Sometimes you, or things, or enemies fall through the earth.  Sometimes you see the end lines of mountains. I have walked into a mountain before and gotten stuck. It’s annoying, but unavoidable. Certain areas seem to be worse for this than others. Many times I have shot an enemy and had them fall through the earth, that is mostly limited to smaller enemies like Rad Roaches. I have never had a human enemy fall through that I have seen. It also seems to happen mostly in high mountain areas.  I have fallen through the earth a few times.

Lucky 38 Hellhole

Please heed this advice very carefully. Stay away from the Lucky 38 as much as possible. Always double save outside of it.  I am going to explain why in a minute. Every time you go in, make sure you do a double save outside of it that is safe.  When you are in one of the vaults (I don’t remember which one, google it), makes sure you know about the glitch pertaining to the faction ID’s. I am not going to describe that here (yet) because I don’t know much about it. Apparently, if you kill turrets in one of the vaults, it makes Mister house’s robots attack you on site, and screws up the faction.  I don’t know much about this. Just beware, the issues I know about are listed below.

OK, first off…I have had the enemies attack me out of nowhere in here. This is tied to the vault glitch, and some other glitches.  Also there is another issue. Sometimes you get STUCK in areas of the lucky 38. I got stuck IN MY ROOM in the presidential suite. Victor would not talk to me, and I lost my ENTIRE 60 hour game. My only choice was to start my game over, or lose the option to choice the house as a factor option.   This is easily avoidable though. Always save twice outside the lucky 38. Exercise very careful caution while inside any area of the lucky 38, that you are trapped in. Anytime you are in any room other than the main casino area, be very careful. I am not sure what causes the glitch, but regardless it’ll stop you from playing the game.  If you have the extra backup, then it’s easily avoidable. Always make sure you do the extra save EVERY TIME you enter the lucky 38 for ANY reason. That could mean the difference between whether you lose your game or not.  The error is triggered by dialog. So if you encounter the glitch, talk to a character, and try to do the dialog again it’ll fix.  For example. If your in the presidential suite with an ally, you can talk to them and dismiss them, and it’ll fix the glitch. Then go and pick them up. However if it’s a situation where they wait outside for you (which happens when you talk to victor outside) then it’s impossible to get out of this glitch. I tried everything, and had to start over.


On certain situations the loading screen freezes. I have heard about people losing their entire save because of this. Even after loading backup saves.  The only recommendation I can give, is save often and hope it doesn’t happen to you.  It is not currently known (to me) what causes this, or how to fix it. Just hope it doesn’t happen to you.

Quests tied together

This isn’t a glitch, but wanted to throw it out there. Some quests are tied together.  If your careful, most of the time both can be completed even if it seems you can only do one or the other. This is not always the case, but if your tricky you can work stuff out. SPOILER ALERT) outside the luxe, you will see a guy walking around.  He starts one quest, and then a second quest starts inside the Luxe.  If you do it wrong you mess up one quest, or the other.  I had it arranged so I could get the quest outside solved (talking him into going home) and then do the inside quest the way I wanted.  It took a few times to get it right, but I got it all situated like I wanted and finished both quests.  This happens in quite a few locations. Just work through the quests slowly, and you’ll be able to finish a lot more instead of having some of them end on you. Same with the ending faction quests. If you are careful you can do most of all the main faction quests until your force to pick a side at the end. Gives you more time to learn stuff about the factions, and really decide what you want to do in the end.


Great game. Lots of glitches. Some of them can cause you to lose your game if your not well educated in it.  Just make sure you know what to expect, and how to try and avoid them. Keep 3-4 saves, and you SHOULD be fine.

If any of you have any other glitches you have run into or, ways around them, or any other feedback, feel free to leave other comments.

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