Fiction and Science Fiction – Memorable Moments

Fiction and Science Fiction are one of my strongest interests. Anything that happens in your life, is stored as a memory.  There are different strengths of memories, but every single thing that happens is a memory.  Most memories are really basic average memories, that are just there.  Others are stronger, they come to recollection more often, and are much more powerful (often emotional).  There are two major types of memories. The stronger, more personal, memories that often involve friends, family, or situations that are very close to you. Others are more typical memories that just are. The memory of drinking coffee this morning, mixed with memories of thousands of other morning if drinking coffee.

Fiction and Science FictionFor example, if you drink a cup of coffee every morning for 15 years.  That’s pretty much the same memory. Each one a little different, but overall they blur into one.  If you ask yourself, oh do I remember the third cup of coffee I ever had on that soft summer day. Probably not. That was 1 out of thousands of cups of copy every single morning, each it’s on memory. However what about that one day 360 mornings ago when you spilled coffee on the floor, tripped on it, and ended up in the emergency room for 2 days.  Well…that’s a memory that is different from all the other coffee memories. Something happened that you won’t forget. The other mornings just all blend together, this memory stands out from the rest. So is a stronger memory.

So overall I am going to be speaking about memories on a small scale. Memories you get from reading books, watching a movie, playing video games, or other basic stuff outside the realms of basic reality.  The point of this blog post is to list out some of my memorable moments in the world of fiction and science fiction, as well as fantasy. Let’s get started with a list, as listed below. Fiction and Science Fiction have always been a strong hobby of mine.

Fiction and science fiction: Memorable Moments

My memories and memorable moments pertaining to fiction and science fiction can be found below. They are listed below, in no particular order:

1. Sonic Boom – The sonic boom was a special move that was introduced in Street Fighter. This was very memorable for me. I really could relate to the characters in Street Fighter growing up. I watched the movies, played the games, and collected some of the action figures. I wasn’t a super fanatic, but as all things fantasy, fiction, and science fiction…it was a definite interest of mine.  When I first saw the sonic book, it was the entire experience that drew me in.  Everything from screaming Sonic Boom and hearing the words vibrate, all the way to the kick flip that sent the attack towards an enemy.  I use to go into my PE clash and do a kick flip and scream it, boy did I feel the power when I did that.  It was something I did as a kid and really liked, and could relate to. I occasionally think back on it, and anytime I see the Sonic Boom on TV, or think about it, it always brings a smile and some nice memories along with it.

2. Inuyasha special moves, spoken dialog – I know this is strange, but another memorable moment comes from the Inuyasha series.  Specifically the words they speak when doing special movies.  Listening to any of the episodes, anytime I hear them scream the name of one of their special attacks, I feel a rush of energy and it immediately gets my attention and gets my heart going. It makes me feel the power, and energy behind the moves, makes me feel as if I am there, standing there seeing this happen. Most of the memorable moment here comes from hearing them call out the moves, but not all of it. Seeing the moves as well in their entire affect is memorable, but it’s that initially battle call they make when first using the move.  Wind Scar, Wind Tunnel, and so forth.  Even some of the more…odd moves, like “Dance of the Dead” and so forth, always get me fired up when listening. This is similar to the sonic book listed in #1, but I wanted to separate them since they are both separate memorable moments for me, and related to two totally different things.

3. On Bakh Fight Scenes – I have seen a lot of fight movies, and a lot of fight scenes have meant a lot to me over the years. But nothing quite like some of the fight scenes that I have seen in the various On Bakh movies. They hold a special place in my heart. He has one of the most unique fighting styles out there, and even months after watching one of his movies, I find myself daydreaming I am in his position, and can feel my mind taking me through the moves. Almost see myself enacting in his style, and tearing the enemies apart.  Out of all fight scenes I have seen in all movies, these are the ones that are burnt the most into my memory, and I am specifically speaking of all the On Bakh movies, not one in particular.

4. Valkyrie Profile Lenneth – Lezard Valeth Quotes – The voice actor is absolutely amazing. What more can I say. Hearing him speak feels me with awe and wonder, and really activates my imagination.  He speaks with such authority, and really riles your emotions when playing the game, and really gets you immersed into the stories, considering that he voice acts his part of the game so well, it’s almost unreal.  It helps that all of his quotes are so well written, that they are very easy to find yourself musing over.  Overall a very good experience, and definitely one of my more memorable moments.

Fiction and science fiction is an amazing field that is pushing the envelope regarding what is possible and what isn’t. That’s it for now, those are the biggest ones I can think of. If I think of more later, and/or acquire more, then I will happily add them to this post.  For now, thanks for reading!

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