Final Fantasy 10 – Thunder Plains – Easy Lightning Dodge

I recently found myself tackling with the lightning dodge mini-game in Final Fantasy 10.  I spent several hours attempting it (like I always do when trying to get a perfect game on Final Fantasy 10).  however, this time I decided to spend some time doing research on this.  So I ran across two things online, that made the overall attempt very easy. One of them made it almost full-proof. To me, it feels just sort of an exploit (albeit a welcome one).

Final Fantasy 10The first thing I found was a very well laid out map, which can be found here: Thunder Plains Map  This map is very detailed. It showed both Northern and Southern Thunder Plains, as well as lightning strikes which details out how many strikes happen in each area subsequently.

Another thing I ended up finally running into was this post: How to dodge lightning bolts  Which also had this video linked to it: Final Fantasy 10 Video

So basically after doing a lot of research, this was the ultimate solution here. I was able to clear the Final Fantasy 10 thunder plains lightning dodging game, without even realizing. I looked at my clock and it was 5:30. I did not even count, I just started doing it. I messed up a few times.  Then it went smooth when I got the rhythm down. I kind of zoned out, and when I looked back at the clock it was 6:08. I figured at that point I must be done, so I headed back to see my numbers, and I was up to 585 lightning dodges.  Very easy and smooth experience.

To get it precise watch the video and see the exact pattern he uses. If you play around a minute and run a little lower than he does but at a diagonal angle you will find a spot that triggers the lightning strike even slightly faster than his video, making it even quicker than that.  Very easy and good technique to use to get you past the annoying lightning dodging mini-game.

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