Google Plus – How are you using it

I just wanted to share a few personal tips about Google Plus, that might help some people stay organized.

Google Plus Tips

1. I use one circle for my main interests.  I only put people or pages in here that I intend to read every single update on.  I want to see every post they make, or every thing they do.  Generally this if for interests like various companies associated with comics, or video games…or other things that I have a heavy interest for. Things I do not mind seeing in my feed every single day.

2. I use another circle for “Everything else”.  I have a habit of only keeping people in this circle, that have been added.  Simply put..every one who has added me and wants to see my posts, I have added them into a separate circle called Separate Contacts. When I am in the mood, I can pop over to that feed and see what all is there, and respond accordingly if I choose.

Google Plus3. I do not like imposing on people, or anyone. If someone does not have me added to their circles (for whatever reason) I do not want to have them added to mine so they won’t get flooded with my public posts.  SO what I do, is about every 3 months I will go in and delete every one from that circle (completely delete the circle. Then I will go to my list of people who have me in their circles, but are not in mine. Then I will move them all into a new circle named the same.  This basically refreshes my list. Overtime people take me off because of posts they don’t want to see, or over posting, or lack of interest. When this happens I like syncing them.  That way I always have just the people who have added me, which is just the way I like things on Google Plus.

4. In Google Plus I use one circle for everything I want to see regular updates for.  Any Google Page, or person that I am interested in seeing every single post from, I put here. Also major interests, or things that I do not want to miss something on. Generally this is reserved to company pages, or pages that I want to see constant updates for..or certain people that I want to see all posts from. I don’t put any general contacts in here. Only things that I want to see every single post from so that I can review them every day.  Also the people are in a separate area, so I  only have to review their posts when I am interested in them, or are in the mood.

I like Google Plus a lot, it’s much better..and easier to handle privacy than something like Facebook..which I don’t much care for.

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