Google Reader – The Ultimate Tool For Developers

Throughout my career I have used a variety of different “productivity” tools.  I have used time tracking software, invoice management systems, project management systems, calendars, to-do lists, productivity systems of all shapes/sizes, personal management systems, personal databases, communication systems, and virtually every type of application that is currently out there.  However, in my entire career, one of the most effective personal and productive tools I have had the pleasure to use, has been Google Reader. It’s primary purpose?  To learn as much as possible!

Within the Google Reader system, you are able to hook into almost any RSS feed, and load those feeds straight into your Google Reader account.  It has the potential to become your “one stop source” for all of your favorite news sites, reading material, blog sites, and virtually any consumable content that supports RSS feeds.  Overall, it has helped me to track many different updates from a variety of different sources, all in one easy to manage/read place.  They give me quick access to almost all the content that I love to consume!

If you are an avid reader, then you need to take a look at Google Reader.  If you have just one blog (or reading source) online, then it won’t benefit you very much. However, any more than 1, and this system is right for you.  They will all be in one place, not to mention you can download the Mobile app (or some other third party mobile app) and read it right off your phone or tablet.  I personally use Google Reader to review self-help, development, hobby (video games, comics, etc..), and various other types of material.  The Google Reader system also comes featured with several layers of social media support, and other things as well.

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