Harry Potter Series – Overall thoughts

I recently finished all of the entire Harry Potter movies. I did this without ever previously reading any of the books (something that’s still on my hobby to-do list. I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV, as I have many other hobbies as well (Video games, development, writing and so forth). However when I do, what I watch ranges from fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror action/adventure, shooting, comedy… so pretty much anything.

Harry Potter – First Thoughts

Overall the movies were well put together with a good cast of actors. I believe they were all worth the time required to sit through them. Most people probably watched them as they were released. But there was a certain bonus involved with being able to watch them all at once back to back (binge watching). The biggest bonus for me was watching all the same actors mature throughout the roles, and put the store together as they aged over the years. I just started watching it not long after the final movie was available outside of theatres. The movie cast was well selected and well put together. A few of them could have been different and the roles might have turned out better, but all the major ones were well selected. A lot of them got there burst to stardome from these movies.

I don’t think any other group could have pulled off the three friends as good as the current actors did.  They were amazing…and they made the world extremely believable.  The acting was perfect, music was perfect, storyline was perfect. The only thing about the series of movies that made me angry, was the fact that they ended. The ending to me was very good, but I wish they had expanded the story much longer.  Perhaps that’s being greedy…I mean how many other series really get 7 movies, but regardless it deserved it. I think they did a wonderful job on the entire series.

I can’t wait to read the books…I intend to read them within 1-2 months, and I will post my thoughts on them into this blog post.  Most people think it’s a child’s story…but far from it. The first 1 (perhaps 2) were in the children section, after that they took off heavily with an adult/young adult audience.  It is more than worth it, and the entire series was a wonderful entertainment piece.

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