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From playing Hometown Story, there were a few things I figured out how to do that were fairly complicated to get the hang of initially. I didn’t spend too much time on Hometown Story, but enough to figure these things out. More about the game itself can be found here and the game can be found here.

Hometown Story was a good game, and there is a good chance I’ll play it again in the future when the mood strikes.

Hometown Story

Hometown Story: Misc. tips and trick

Getting Married: In Hometown Story the marriage system is a little odd. When you initially get the blue feather, it’ll ask you to make a wish. Don’t. Instead stay in your shop for 2-3 days.  After a few days (around 10:00 A.M. one of the nights) each one of the bachelors/bachelorettes will come into your shop one at a time (in no particular order). Each one of them will propose to you. Say “Yes” to whichever one you want, then it will automatically use the blue feather and allow you to get married. Then the credits will role, and the spouse will be in your shop.

Closing the shop early: Hometown Story doesn’t allow you to close the shop outside it’s normal operational hours. The people will stand at the register awhile before getting mad and leaving (typically about 2-3 hours). An alternative, is to remove all items off the shelves before leaving. That will keep them from standing around angrily, and then leaving.

Upgrading the shop: You have to get both of the twins to move into your town before you can start upgrading. They are both blacksmiths. You would then talk to them, and select request into of the buy option. That will allow you to upgrade your shop. The first update starts at 3,000 gold and requires 10 pieces of wood. Each subsequent upgrade, of course, costs more money and materials.


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