Mass Effect 1&2 – Asari Speculations

This blog post is about the video game series Mass Effect 1 and 2. There are a couple of different experiences that the Asari could have (in theory) that were never mentioned in the games that were currently created.  I want to discuss my thoughts about them here.

Asari Melding

When two people mate they have sex.  When Asari mate, they “Meld”.  Generally there are no sexual exchanges. It’s simply “Melding”.  They attune their nervous system with that of their partner.  Asari can theoretically Meld with any species of any Gender.  Asari can generally meld with their own race as well, but this is looked down upon in Asari culture.  When two Asari meld with each other, their kids are called Pureblood.  Generally they are outcast and made fun of.  However, when an Asari melds with another race, that generally make the kids turn out stronger.  They are made stronger with time, exactly how they become stronger has not yet been revealed by what I have studied in the game Codex entries and universe.  Basically they take the traits of the mother, and the father and become a lot strong overall than if they were pureblood.  This continues to make the Asari race as a whole stronger.  When someone is Pureblood they were not made stronger, so they are looked down upon for not furthering the Asari race.

The Process of Melding is kind of like a Psychic link. It allows the Asari to attune her nervous system to that of the partner, and become one with them for an instant. Sharing thoughts, emotions, feelings, and all deep convictions.

Melding with Geth

One thing the game never mentions is Asari being able to meld with Geth.  In theory it possible that the Asari would not be able to even if they tried.  Since the Geth have an artificial nervous system the Asari may not be able to meld with them.  I am unsure.

Ardat-Yakshi Melding

The Ardat-Yakshi is an Asari with a genetic defect.  They are sterile and cannot produce kids.  If they try to meld, they still can but the results are different.  They burn out the brain and nervous system and kill the host (most of the time).

Ardat-Yakshi/Ardat-Yakshi Melding

The strange question I have, is what happens if they meld with each other.  Two Ardat Yakshi.  I would theorize three possible results.  The first possibility, is they would burn out each others brains and nervous systems and both die.  The second possibility is the Ardat that was stronger would win over the melding, and would burn out the other one.  The third possibility, is the act of both Ardat’s genetic disorder would counteract itself, and prevent them from burning each other out. Perhaps even getting one of them pregnant and producing offspring without the genetic defect.  There is no basis for any of these ideas, I was just tossing out what seemed to be some relevant possibilities.

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