Now Playing – 3/5/2016

It’s been awhile since I posted this Now Playing series. My intent is to start posting more often overall going forward. Below is a breakdown of what I am currently (and have been) playing.

Now Playing – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 - Now Playing

This has been the main game I’ve played over the last few months. I’m currently 150+ hours into the game. I’ve completed most of the missions and unlocked most of the areas in the game, but I’ve gone slow on the main quest due to the limitations they impose across factions. You ultimately have to choose a final faction and certain missions become inaccessible at a certain point so I’ve taken a great deal of care into not locking myself out of content before I was ready and able to decide what paths to take on my own.

This game has been the main one I’ve been playing but I’ve basically been slowing down and starting other games. I’ve almost completed everything the game has to offer, before they even released the Geck (modding utility). Since then they’ve promised the following:

  • March DLC
  • April DLC
  • May DLC
  • Several new patches
  • Geck – Modding Tool
  • Hundreds dollars worth of content and additional DLC throughout 2016 and 2017.. and my guess is, beyond.
  • Bonus: Opens us up to an entire community of hungry modders

With that being said, I’ve already starting dipping my toes into the modding community. A lot of up and coming Fallout 4 modders have already start creating mods even before the Geck came out. Once that comes out there will be a huge release of thousands of mods. New content, companions, adjustments, improvements and so forth. I’ll even be modding as well.

So this game is going to be on my Now Playing list for the rest of 2016 probably. I’ll play until new DLC comes out, then take a break. Then play again.

Note: I’ll try to write another blog post later this week about the current modding condition of my game. How I set it up, what mods I’m using at the moment and so forth.

Now Playing – Morrowind

The next big game on my current list is Morrowind. I haven’t played it in a long time, so I started up a new install. I setup my game through Steam and redid all my initial mods. I had a lot of work involved into preparing my game, as modding is different in the Steam version. As of two weeks ago I officially started back on it.

This one I’m doing on the side. It’s a huge 500+ hour game and I’ve got at least 400+ hours of DLC I downloaded (Tamriel Rebuilt, and some huge quest mods, and several companions that have massively programmed quest mods). So this is going to be a game I work on here and there again over the next few years. I’m planning for this to be my complete play through. I intend to do a perfect playthrough for the first time. I’ve gotten almost everything on the main island in an old save, but it was long ago.

This will be my perfect playthrough. I don’t expect to finish it quickly but 5-6 hours here and there over an extended period of time. Once complete I intend to transition over to Oblivion again, and then finally Skyrim for a full playthrough of each. So right now It’s Morrowind from beginning to end, then onto Oblivion. This will be over an extended period of time but is a gameplay feat I’ve been planning for a few years. I was waiting for all Skyrim content to get finished and the modding scene to get more mature with a lot of modding options as well.

My plans with these 3 games is honestly the same as with Fallout 4. I’ve got a “mature” save in Fallout 4, and over time as new DLC and mods come out I intend to be at upper-level to be able to experiment with new things. Before I move into the missions involving the final choices made for the factions, I’ll do a backup save and base all my exploratory content off of that. I plan on doing some heavy time modding on Fallout 4 as well once the Geck is released.

Now Playing – Shadows of Mordor

This one I’m playing on and off. I’m at the very end of the game. The last thing I’m trying to wrap up are the last few survival and combat challenges (maybe 3-4 total) and then finish the last 2 main quest missions. Once I sit down and put perhaps a good 5 hours into it, I can wrap this one up. I went for a perfect game on this one because of how much I liked it, but I took a long break from it.

I spent a lot of hours on it, took a long break, then spent more time on it until I got to the very end. Recently I’ve been playing it 30 minutes to an hour here and there as I work through unlocking the rest of the content. I should finish it this upcoming week sometime and mark it off my list.

Now Playing – Left 4 Dead 2

So I picked this up again and start playing online quick matches again. My main goal was to unlock a few more achievements I had missing. I unlocked one rare one shortly after I started playing again, and now I’m considering spending the time unlocking the higher difficulty achievements. I’ve got a lot of experience at this game and should have finished them a long time ago. I may be alternating between this and the first one, but I’ve definitely been putting some time into this one lately.

 Now Playing – Diablo 3

I’ve spent some time on this game again Today actually. It’s my first time since the beginning of the season (which isn’t going to be ongoing too much longer). All I really did was get one character geared up and ready to go. I still haven’t optimized his stats or gotten any of his stuff setup right. It’s a work in progress and was only about a 3-4 hour gaming session. I can picture myself playing this again over the next few days and getting that character fully Torment 10 ready, and from there spending some time working towards my season journey.

I think it’s a little late in the season to expect much progress, but it would be nice if I could power through and unlock the new set of wings they have. Even if it only is for carrying it over into my normal game. The whole point is the more I can accomplish within this current season, the closer I will be in my main non-season HardCore game.

Now Playing Series

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