Now Playing – 4/6/2014

I had a new idea for a blog post series, which I am going to call Now Playing. Occasionally I am going to write blog posts detailing what games I am playing at the time or have played since the last Now Playing update. Sometimes it will be one dedicated game, while other times I will jumping between several games.

Now PlayingI won’t be posting this Now Playing blog series regularly, but just every few months to give you an idea of what games I’m playing at the time. Every few months once I switch to a different set of games, and beat some of the ones I am currently on. Hopefully some of the games I am playing now will introduce you to something you haven’t played yet, or something that sparks your interest.

Currently you will notice I am currently in a major PC mode. My game play moods switch from Console to PC and I do not really favor any over the other. I play all systems, old systems, PC and all handheld systems.  I am an equal opportunity gamer that will play a game regardless of system, always defaulting to whatever console / system seems to have the best version of the game (when it’s a cross platform game).



This is the primary game on my Now Playing list. Currently I am about 60+ hours into this game, and still going strong. I find myself playing it less and less right now than I was because I started a few other games alongside it.  Anyway, the game itself is very good. It’s a new (almost new) genre that hasn’t yet been fully established. It’s currently drawing interest, and becoming a popular genre. Another game very much like it is Starbound. I haven’t tried that one yet, because it’s in Alpha and keeps clearing peoples data currently.

I highly recommend this game. I am still playing it on-off throughout the next month or two, trying to finish building a giant castle and underground city. Even after 60+ hours I have yet to get even one world in Hard mode.  Highly recommended game.


I have been slowly working through a “Perfect Game” of Skyrim. There has been no real rush or time limit. I have been playing it on the side as/when I am in the mood. I am currently about 40+ hours into what is going to end up being a 500-600 hour game. Every time I beat another game or two, I stop and put some more time into Skyrim (20-30 hours each time I get back into it), slowly crawling myself towards that perfect game.

Sleeping Dogs

This is a great game, which is plagued by errors, bugs, and very horrible controls. Still the overall game play and combat mechanics keep me coming back. I am not entirely sure if I am going to beat (and get a perfect game on this) anytime soon because I am only loosely addicted, but overall it’s a great game. Each time I pick it up I find myself working through a few events, favors, and story missions. Slowly working myself through the game. Still have sessions of slaughtering everyone in my way when I start getting slightly bored. I have to take breaks from it, because it’s not “digging” into my like other games sometimes do, but it’s a great game and I expect to play it through to completion. Overall though, this is the one I am “currently” playing the most out of all the ones I am currently playing.

Just Cause

This is a good game. Graphics are pretty raw, but that’s because it’s an older game.  I am not really “feeling it” right now… so I am kind of, but not, playing it at the moment. I got through the first tutorial mission into the free-form part of the game, made my way through the map doing a few things and getting use to it. Some of the mechanics are not very well built, but the game itself can be very fun.  I don’t see a need for it at the moment while I am working on some of these other games, however… it is in my list and I might end up playing it after I beat a few of these other games.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

This one I am about 19 hours into, and about 70% done with the game. This one is very good, and is one of my primary focuses right now. I have been stuck at one part for a few days, and every time I am in the mood I give it a few tries. Once I clear that part, I can easily finish this game in under a day. Once I beat this one I will be done with it for awhile. Very good game, but under rated, buggy, and overall sloppy mechanics. The game itself though is very fun, and has a very strong strategic element once you really get into it.  I plan on beating this one within this upcoming week if possible.


That’s about it for now. I have 5-6 more that are downloaded/installed on my PC since I am in a pure PC mood, but none of them I am currently actively playing.  I might release another blog post in 1-2 months detailing what I am playing at that time, and which ones of these I stopped playing by that time.

Note: Any game I have played, I tend to go overboard on getting perfect. So I tend to learn (or can easily learn) anything about that given game. So any questions about any of these games, feel free to load up in the comments.

Now Playing Series

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