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Another series post, regarding “Now Playing”. Since the last time I posted about this specific topic, I have actually went through a variety of games. I played several games on Android, and heavily focused a lot of attention on PS3 as of late. I also finished some PC games since I last posted in this series.  Since posted I have either beaten, played, or fiddled with a variety of games… including but not limited to: Township (Android), Muramasa Rebirth (PS Vita),  Crazy Market (Vita), Crysis 3 (PS3), Bioshock Infinite (PS3), Wartune (Android), Ecolibrium (Vita),  and several others. Out of those, I have beaten a few of them. Now, let’s move on to what I am currently playing, why, and my experiences with it. Crysis 3 I recently beat, then moved onto Bioshock Infinite.

Now PlayingOverall a little background information. I use Raptr a lot. My Raptr profile can actually be found here: Here What I generally do is I will review Raptr to see my overall performance in a specific console (or PC), and depending on the stats I will favor one system for awhile. I have a lot of 360 gamer score, and a high rating on PC games. I just recently came off of a very long PC stint. For awhile I have acknowledged that my PSN level was lacking. So I have been, and will continue, to put a lot of time into PS3, and Vita to try to get that level up there. My current goal is around 10 or so. Making me way above average, I have awhile to go for that. Now let’s get started with what I am now playing.



Now Playing – Bioshock Infinite (PS3) 

This is the main game I am playing currently now playing. I am playing the PS3 version. I already finished the main game once, and got about 30% of the main game trophies. After finishing the game, I downloaded all the DLC. I already completed “Burial at Sea Episode 1” and got all the trophies for that already. I started the “Clash in the Clouds” as well. I also went back to the main campaign to unlock more of the trophies. Right now I will be focusing on the main game trophies, except for a few that annoy me, the clash in the clouds, and after I make more progress in those I will finish up Episode 2, then get the rest of the trophies within the clash of the clouds.

Overall this game has been a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed Bioshock 1 and 2, but I liked the 3rd one a great deal more. The official reviews are largely positive, but if you read a lot of the user reviews a lot of people complain about it lacking as compared to 1 and 2. I, however, feel it’s a great game. It’s got a very… odd ending, but besides that, if you really understand the deep plot line of the game the majority of the ending makes sense.

Now Playing – Crazy Market (Vita)

This is just a small game for Vita that I have been playing on/off for a month or two. I am now playing it along side Bioshock Infinite, but I am not spending a lot of time on it at any one time. Something I am playing when I have nothing else to do. I have worked my way through about 60-70 days in-game so far. I am not sure if I will go back and try to get 3 stars on all of them or not, but it’s a possibility. It’s a worthy addition to the now playing update. It’s worth the time and effort to give it a try. So far I have purchased the “unlimited” booster so I can play whenever I want, purchased a great deal of gold for the game off the PSN store, and unlocked all of the barcodes. I can see myself playing it on and off continuously fora while longer, until it starts getting boring. I am currently playing it enough to consider it on my “What I am Playing” list.

Now Playing – Wartunes, Township, and Monument Valley (All Android)

Currently with my other now playing titles, I’ve been in a bit of an Android mood. These are the Android games I am playing currently. I am putting a lot of time into Wartunes, and Township, and some time (from time to time) into Monument Valley.

Monument Valley I am just putting in a little time here and there, for the purpose of clearing it. It’s a short, small, and easy game that is pretty fun for a puzzle. It’s got pretty good reviews. I can picture myself playing it until I beat it, and as they add new content for it, I can see myself picking it up over time so I continuously beat the new boards. As of right now i am pretty far into it, and if I keep playing it from time to time I should finish it after a little while. Then I will put it on the back burner until they get more updates for it. Overall its worth playing for the experience alone.

Wartunes is one of my favorite PC Browser game. They recently released an Android version, and it’s been on my now playing list almost consistently ever since. I take a few breaks from it, but overall I will probably continue to play it consistently for several more months, and even after I might continue logging in to do a few things. I am already high enough level to have a mount, and I have gotten in a guild and contributed more than anyone else. Overall I play it to pass time, but a lot.

Township is the one Android game I am playing the most right now. I play it almost on the spot, every few hours. It’s a town building, farming style game for Android and it’s one of my favorites. I have already leveled up enough to get two trains, and a large city. I already have spent a lot of time on it so far. Even when I am playing Bioshock Infinite, I will stop every 1-3 hours and go through doing everything I can in my town. So far it’s a very good game.

Misc – Now Playing

I have had a few other games on my mind, I am considering. Crysis 3 I did not quite beat. I got to the last boss, and spent a good bit of time in multiplayer. However I am thinking of going back and finishing that last boss, and putting some more time into leveling up in multiplayer and getting some of the trophies. Either one of these days coming up soon, or after I am totally finished with Bioshock Infinite. I am also considering, as a supplementary title, to start back on the Disgaea series for the PS Vita. I have played most of them, and beaten several of them…however now they have the main ones (Disgaea 1, 2, 3 and 4) all on Vita. I am thinking about going back through and getting perfect games on each one of them, in between playing other main titles on the PS3. I have not yet decided that yet.

Until next time!

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