Setting up Drupal to handle many more visitors than normal.

Note: This article was mostly written to reference Drupal 6, but most of this should also be valid in Drupal 7 as well (I am not 100% sure).

Drupal is a great system, that is built to handle large volumes of users.  If you have noticed your Drupal site having problems with pages loading, traffic clogging up your server, and other related issues..there are a few very common problems that are known to cause this. With a little bit of settings optimization you can prevent these issues from arising.

The first thing you want to do is modify some of your cache settings.  You first have to login to your Drupal website, and then go to the Performance Settings. You can also find these by going here: (once logged in).  After that just modify some of the options.  Change the Caching Mode to “Normal” and then enabled Page Compression and Block Cache. Once done, then save the settings.

The second thing you can do to help performance is to turn off your developer modules.  Your site will run a lot quicker, and allow your server to handle a much larger capacity.  

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