Drive Time

Where am I?


I shook my head to clear the fuzziness. I was still behind the wheel of my brand new self-driving car, still groggy from having dozed off. A black haze covered my windows, preventing any visibility outside the car. I rolled the window down a few inches and thick dark fog crept through the crack. I rolled it back up.


My memory was still fuzzy, but I recalled driving on the interstate. I was headed from my home in Austell, Georgia, to South Carolina, to visit my in-laws. About halfway through the trip, I turned on the self-driving mode and watched as the car took over.


The only way I’ll figure this out is if I leave the car and look around.


I opened my door and stepped out of the car. My feet landed on soft dirt below me. Within minutes, most of the inside of my car was covered in thick, black fog. I could only see a few feet in front of me, but it was enough. I closed my door and walked away from the car. After what seemed like a few hundred feet the ground turned to concrete.


I found the main road at least.


I walked down the road, turned and walked back, my visibility was clearing up a little. There were no road signs, landmarks or anything else. Where the hell I was.


Then I saw something…


What the hell is that?


Whatever it was, maybe it could give me an idea of where I was. I ambled slowly up to it, until I realized it was a person facing away from me. A man wearing a black jacket and dress pants. He was holding a torch in his right hand.


“Hello?” I called into the dark. The strange figure didn’t move. I walked a little further. “Hello?” I called, a little louder. No response.


As I got closer, I noticed there were more people. They appeared to be standing in a circle side by side. It’s as if they didn’t notice I was there. Then I saw it…


A woman was laying in the center of the circle. Her clothes were tattered and her throat cut. Her eyes had rolled back in her head and from the angle I was at, she was staring right at me with those cold dead eyes.


One by one each of the men turned their heads towards me with an angry look. The man closest to me snarled and started to turn around. Before he had a chance to take a step, I turned and ran.


After the pavement turned into dirt, I could see my car up ahead. As it came into view I saw another person standing between me and the car. His dark soulless eyes stared at me through the fog.


I dashed around him. There was still no movement from the man as I made it to the other side of the car, opened the door and jumped in, locking it behind me. I switched to the driver’s seat and started the car. I pushed the home button. Nothing happened.


I started to panic as the man walked towards me. I screamed and punched the home button 3-4 times and it finally started. I threw it into high gear.


The car took off, speeding around the person standing there until the tires found paved road. As I got a little way down the road I looked out the back window. There was nothing to see, but my skin crawled like a thousand spider feet running over me. I could feel the gaze of their eyes from inside the fog.


My phone didn’t have service. I slammed on the gas and picked up speed. After twenty minutes of driving I came out of the fog. As I pulled to the side of the road my thumb slid onto the dial pad. 9.1.1. I leaned my head on the steering wheel and waited. I kept looking behind me nerviously, expecting one of the men to appear at any moment. It took a while but a sheriff came and took a report.


After we had finished talking and I told him everything, he wanted me to follow him back to the fog. When we got back to where I had been the fog, people, and woman were all gone. Like it had never happened. I checked the logs on my vehicle location and it showed I had been driving from South Carolina on my way home for over three hours and never stopped on the side of the road.


The cop wrote me a ticket for improper use of 911. I sold the car the next day and went with a used car that couldn’t drive itself.

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