Skyrim Thoughts

Alright, so this is the new Elder Scrolls game.  I beat the crap out of the first 4 of them.  Daggerfall, Arena, Morrowind and Oblivion (and all expansions/DLC for each of them (as well as a ton of mods).  I also got heavily involved in the modding community for both Morrowind and Oblivion (and still dabble in it from time to time).  Overall, I really did not care much for the first two Elderscrolls games.  But when Morrowind came out, it was a whole different story.  Then Oblivion was even better, and now finally Skyrim…is the best in the series thus far.

There are a few things I love about the game, and a few things I dislike..but overall the game is a much better improvement over the two previous games.  First off…the music is perfect. I don’t generally like that type of music, but they did a good job of matching what was going on in the game at any given time, with the right sound tracks to go with it.  The graphics are much better than previous Elder Scrolls games, and the gameplay is much stronger (and has been revamped).  I won’t go into any more details on my overall thoughts, because this is a blog post, not a review.  But part of the post, I want to give out some of my tips and tricks for the game, and stuff that I found useful while playing through it.

Tips and Tricks

General Tips

  • Be very careful what perks you pick.  There are major limits on what you can and cannot get.  You can get a lot of them, but if your not careful you will find yourself at the end of the game being disappointed due to the lack of perks that you have to put into things.  I recommend saving perks until you are very familiar with the game, and are sure how you want to build your character.
  • Don’t go throughout the entire game limiting yourself (for example don’t try to avoid magic the entire game).  You would be missing out on a great experience. Try to vary your tactics in battle to try to find out what you like the most (character setup, build and everything).
  • Keep a GREAT DEAL of saves. I generally have about 200-300 saves on my X-Box 360 for it.  I keep a great deal of saves.  The thing is..if you mess up on one thing, as long as you have a trail of will never have to start over and generally would only need to go back 2-3 saves.  This is very important in this type of game.  Mostly, just always let the game auto-save when it does, and leave them alone.  Also, just try to make a new save every 1-2 times you save. No need to save over old ones.  You can easily get a few hundred saves without worrying about it…If you want, just make backups every 5 hours, but the more saves you have, the less you have to make up if you end up making a serious mistake in your game.

Money Making Tips

  • Buy a horse.  You can run while on a horse, even if your loaded down with too much weight..helps out a lot when you need to travel when your weighted down (more stuff you can sell at one time)
  • Work…you can basically pick up vegetables and fruits from different farms, and then sell them back to the farm owner (or sell whatever they have). Almost anytime you come across someone with a bunch of goods laying on their farm, you can take them and sell them to the farm owners for money. Same for Chopping can chop would and sell it to the woodsman for around 5g per piece of wood…spend a night or two straight chopping would, and don’t tell me your not rich.
  • Don’t throw away anything over a value of 3.

My Character Build

My first/main character is primarily a dual wielding, archer.  He uses supplemental magick from time to time as well.  40% of the time I am dual wielding with him, 40% of the time I am using archery, and the final 20% of the time I am using supplemental magick (generally one 1-hander, and magic in the other hand).  Currently I have a lunar sword in one hand, and a lunar axe in another…and the affects they show once you draw them, look very nice. They make a sizzling sound, especially if you draw them at night.    Currently I am using perks as needed.  I have a few in sneak, and a few in One Handed, and archery. I have the archery zoom perk, and a few perks in Enchanting/Blacksmithing.  I am staying away from Two handed perks, and block perks because (for this specific game) I do not intend to use any two handed weapons, or shields.  Even if I do, it will be lightly, and I won’t have any need for perks/skills in them either.  So generally this is a non-issue for me on this character.  Overall I am only using the magick as supplemental. So I do not have a major need to stack a ton of perks across all the magick schools..however, I am definitely going to be wracking a variety of points into Alchemy, Enchanting and the school that governs around Necromancy. I am still debating on which way I want to use the Necromantic arts, but most of the supplemental magick I end up using is going to be necromantic in nature.

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