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Sonic and Knuckles is a game my kids recently started playing. I’ve found out a trick to help you do something interesting when using the Wii Virtual Console. I have been a gamer since I was very young. I was gaming through the entire “Sonic” era and played almost every sonic game that existed (as I grew up). Even now I go back and play some of the older games when the mood hits. At the moment both of my kids are in a huge sonic phase and they play a lot of sonic games. Because I’ve been a gamer for so long, it makes it easy for me to help them unlock things that are otherwise tricky to get access to.

Sonic and KnucklesMy kids recently got interested in a game called “Sonic and Knuckles” and they wanted to play it on the Virtual Console inside the WII software.

There is a trick to allow you to play Knuckles in the past game. If you go and also download Sonic 1, 2, and 3 then you can play Knuckles within those games. Basically just go into the game on the Wii Virtual Console, hit the “Select” button, and select which one you are interested in playing. It will reset the game, activate the Lock-On technology, and start it up with the correct game (playing as Knuckles).

It’s a little tricky to get use to, but if you have kids that love Sonic (or you want to play Sonic) then it’s a nice caveat to an already cool feature.

More information on this game can be found here: Sonic and Knuckles’

The virtual console has a great selection of Sonic titles, and it definitely is easier than breaking out the old systems when your in the mood to play it. It can be a little glitchier than the original versions but nothing game breaking and most of them are easily avoidable.

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