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I started getting into the Supernatural series about 2-3 weeks ago. I don’t normally get involved in Television series, unless I am very interested in them. This series is so multifaceted, that it’s hard to write a review without revealing some spoilers. There are a few minor spoilers for the earlier seasons, but I have tried to limit them as much as possible, and make them very minor.

Let’s start off with the pilot. The first show I watched of this series was the original pilot. I was immediately pushed in the opposite direction. The idea was new to me, and a few key things that aggravated me. For example, when the fire fighters are putting the fire out on the house, they are spraying the side of the wall and not the fire itself. Obviously not doing anything constructive towards putting out the fire. Not to mention the effects on the whole first supernatural event was…weak at best. So first thing, I was turned off by the series. I was even considering not watching them. That would have been the mistake of a life time.

After getting through the pilot, I liked what I saw. The overall thoughts about the entire story are listed below, broken down by section.

Just as a forewarning, I have only watched up to episode 6. I just recently finished Episode 6, and i’m about to start buying them one episode at a time on the Playstation network. So I can’t comment on season 7 yet, or the upcoming season 8. I am more of referring to the series as a whole.


The plotline is wonderful throughout the entire series. The scripting, background story, and the way everything was brought together was great so far. There were maybe…2 episodes in the entire run, that I considered a little boring. I still would not miss them for anything, but they were a little more boring than the other episodes. One of the boring episodes was a black and white “La Noire” style episode. That one is easily identifiable as it’s the only one I have seen (so far) that was in black and white. There was one other episode that was very boring. I don’t exactly remember what it was about, but overall it was very boring. That one episode I almost fell asleep in. Aside from that, most of them had very high (beyond high) entertainment value.

The story itself was created entirely by a man named Eric Kripke, he is the original created of the storyline behind the series.


The music is grade A. It obviously depends on your style of music, but the music played throughout the majority of the series fit right in with my style of music. All the songs throughout all the series were picked as very high quality music. The music is also picked for the proper moment. They set it up so that when the music plays, it always accurately conveys what is happening at that given moment, which is a great plus for the series as a whole. Music is very important in television series, and movies. I did not have one complaint about the music and sound all the way through the series.


Beyond awesome. The actors playing Sam, Dean, their father, and almost all side and supporting characters were great. No offense to the actors, but there were a few that did not click well with me. I don’t know necessarily if they were bad actors necessarily, but I feel they didn’t play the parts well. The first one, is the person who played Ruby the second time. Not the first Ruby, but the second one. She may not be a bad actor, but she didn’t play that specific part well. Alternatively, she played her second part very well. The second part was when they were in an alternate dimension for one episode, and she played the role of Sam’s real life wife very well. That part was played well, overall. So I don’t think it’s as much of an inability to act, as not playing that specific part well. Or..maybe it’s just me. One good note, is as time progressed she seemed to get better and better with the part. The first few appearances annoyed me, but after that she started getting a lot better. So maybe it was just poorly written script the first few times, who knows.

Anyway, there were a few other actors/actresses throughout the series that I didn’t feel did the parts justice. Some of the chosen extras didn’t play there parts that well, but they were generally just minor characters. That didn’t really affect the overall quality of the show as much as a main actor not being well at the part.


The best part of the series. The lore that was integrated into the series, was astounding. Everything they researched and confirmed for lore, and related with real life stuff was great. As you progress through the story…if you cross reference a lot of the lore they find, or real life events they said happened with real people, a lot of it line of very similar (if not exact) to what you would read about certain people in real life. Which is a really great thing. A lot of research was done into the lore of things to make them “new” and exciting, but still hold true to all of their original roots.

As more thoughts come to mind, I might continue expanding this review to be much longer. I Just wanted to get all of my basic thoughts out there for the time being.

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