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This blog has been edited as of 9/6/2014. A lot was changed, so feel free to take a look.
I am not too sure this would be considered a life achievement…but, I eat out at a lot of restaurants. I always have, and probably always will. I enjoy eating out and experiencing the different restaurants for what they have to offer. I like forging relationships with certain waiters at certain locations, and continually visiting those locations over, and over again to request the same waiters and continuing to build the relationships and friendships. Overall I have been to pretty much every single Restaurant in the area. Obviously every single restaurant, even if they are the same name but different locations, has something different to offer. Some are worse than others. However, I want to put down my list of favorite restaurants, as well as my thoughts of each of them.

Previous “Do Not Go” List

My “Do Not Go” List use to be Italian Oven, Ruby Tuesday’s, and Chili’s. That list has changed drastically.

My original post (before this edit), was as follows:

These are considered my hit list. These are restaurants that I have eaten at, but for certain reasons or another I will never go back to them (at all, ever). These are jsut ones that I will never go to. I generally do not give Restaurants more than one chance.  Surprisingly there are only a few on my Do Not Go List. They are listed below, along with the reasons. The reasons could be because of a specific location, but that is irrelevant. Once I have a bad experience there, I do not generally go back.

– The Italian Oven – Generally I love Italian food. Believe it or not, I don’t really have any problem with the food they offer. of the times I went to one of their locations (for the first time) I was totally unimpressed.  The food was not the best. It paled in comparison to some of the other Italian restaurants I like (Pasta Bella, Provinos, Scalini’s, Magianno’s).  The food was not really worth a return trip. However, the food wasn’t necessary bad. It was just mediocre (nothing special).  The main problem I had was the waiter.  They have really bad waiter’s there, at least they did the night I went there.  Every few minutes Waiters were sitting around, not doing any work, taking a lot of time off.  The one we had was almost non-existent. It was the more horrible experience I have had at any restaurant. The food just wasn’t worth risking a return trip.

– Ruby Tuesday’s – I use to eat here. Overall I have nothing against this restaurant personally. Decent food, good waiters, great environment. However..just something about their food doesn’t sit well. I use to eat there all the time.  I got sick from their food two times. Once I even passed out in the floor. Not sure if it was something I was allergic to.  Not to mention I also have this awkward  feeling about their food every time I leave. Most of the people I have gone with just feel the food is too..thick perhaps. It just always leads to bowel issues, and other unpleasantries.  It’s a good restaurant but after that strange feeling a few times, I just decided I don’t like the experience.

– Chili’s – Believe it or not, I have never had their food.  However..just something about the place I don’t like. I went in there before and it feels almost entirely like a bar environment. I just didn’t like the environment, so I don’t ever plan on eating there…well…there is a small chance I might give it a try eventually, but for the most part it never really crosses my mind to go there.

However, that list has changed.

– Italian Oven: I have not tried this place in 4-5 years. The one time I tried, at that one location, it was a disaster. Mostly because the waitress was horrible. I feel that it was a very bad experience…at that one location. Over the years (since my original writing) I feel that it’s all location based. I am starting to understand EVERY location and the people at EVERY location are drastically different.  So..I have not re-tried Italian Oven, or another location..I feel they deserve a second chance. I will, sometime in the next few months give it a try again. For now…give it a try.  It depends entirely on the location.

– Ruby Tuesday’s/Stella’s: Again it probably depends on the location. My only complaint is their food always has a strange after affect. Stella’s was recently added because it’s the same. The food always makes me feel overly food, even when I eat very little. I can “taste” preservatives maybe. I always feel..odd after eating their. I am not sure how to explain it, or why but that’s why I still avoid these places.

– Chili’s:  I was DEAD wrong about this place. Since this last posting this has turned into my FAVORITE place. I eat here now, more than any other.  Very, very great place. The food, the people, the atmosphere…I love it. I always get… Table side Guacamole, Country fried chicken with extra gravy, mash potatoes with gravy, and macaroni and cheese. Every single time and ALWAYS love going here. One of my absolute favorite places now a days.

Generic Eating Establishments

Pretty much anywhere else is open game. I enjoy a wide variety of restaurants for different reasons. I have two top favorites ones, which I will leave for the final section.  I like Applebee’s, Ted’s Montana Grill, Scalini’s, Provino’s, Red Lobster’s, TGI Friday’s, and various others. Every one has their own strengths and weaknesses.  My main favorite restaurants, and the last section of those post are listed below.

My Favorite Restaurants

Again…this list has also chagned. Almost every single place in the list has changed. My original list was as follows:

Now for the crowing achievement.  Out of all the years of eating out, the thousands of restaurants I have eaten at (some close to 100 times), I have gotten together a list of my favorite of the favorites. I have listed below the name of each restaurant that I consider favorite, and why. They are listed in the order of likeableness (I know this isn’t a word).


This is one of the top restaurants.  This probably ties first place with my other favorite.  Provino’s is a special restaurant. It’s what is called a scratch kitchen. It means they make everything from scratch, on the spot when it’s ordered.  Meaning if you order something, you also have the ability to mix/match different things from the menu so they turn out exactly like you want them to.  You have full control over everything in the menu.   It is an Italian restaurant.  Ironically enough I always order the same thing here, every single time (without fail). I order the Cannoloni & Bianca Extra Cheese X3. Then I throw about a half a bottle of their cheese on top of it.  Then I get a sweat tea.  Every single time.  This place is my favorite, it’s the place I like the most, and my first choice most of the time. Scalini’s owns Provino’s..they also make the same thing that I get from Provino’s. I do not Scalini’s a lot…but they have one issue of not making that dish right. They always burnt it, and don’t make it to the perfection that Provino’s does.

Edit: Unfortunately I haven’t been here in a LONG time. I have my reasons, and the food was still good..but I have found better. This is a good restaurant, but not my favorite anymore.

Red Lobster’s

Now this is perfection. It ties first place with Provino’s.  This is one of the best places I have ever eaten out..but they are much more expensive than any other place. So I eat her seldom. I do eat here quite often, but I try to be careful because of the price. I always end up getting one of their three primary 20.00 dishes. They seafood trio, or ultimate lobster, and some other thing they have. My favorite thing on the entire menu is one of their sides, it’s the Lobster Languinisto (I am not sure the exact name). That is my favorite dish. I order that side every single time I come here.  The environment is great, and I like eating here just as much as Provinos.

Second Rate Italian Restaurants (Scalini’s/Magianno’s)

I don’t say second rate out of disrespect. These are two of my favorite restaurants. However, they are not “The” Italian restaurant.  They are not my favorite. Although, I would be totally happy eating at one fo them. I kind of pick/choose what I am in the mood for based off the time when I go to these. Magianno’s they have one thing I really like a lot, but lately I have been having a hard time remembering exactly what pasta dish it was, so lately when I go there, I just try stuff to see if Ic an find that original dish that I liked there so much.  I will be very happy the day I remember what it was.


Both of these restaurants I enjoy a lot. They are cheaper budget, and I normally end up going to one or the other when I am on a smaller budget.  It use to be mostly Apple-bee’s. I like the environment mostly, but there are only a few things on their menu I really like (baby back ribs for example). The main reason I went there for so long, is because of the people there. It seems to be the best people around, at least the location
we go to. I am a little angry with them overall for the fiasco they were in the middle of in the past, that itme that one of their members accidentally gave Alcohol to a child. I have been more of getting away from that place since I found that out. I still go there sometimes.  In general, O’Charleys has pretty much replaced it. Their spicy pepper jack cheese wedges are always what I dive into for the appetizer, with a sweat tea, and then different various things off their menu depending on my mood. The main thing normally ends up being their seafood trio. It’s obviously not anywhere near as good as Red Lobster, but it still tastes great and is totally worth it for the trip. The pepper-jack cheese wedges alone make it more than worth it.

Now, my thoughts about the above.

Provino’s – Still a good place, but I found better.

Red Lobsters – Just got sick of it because I went for so long, and so much…I found something better, for me.

Scalini’s Magianno’s – I go back here sometimes…but again, I found better. I don’t visit these two as much anymore.

Apple-Bee’s/O-Charleys – Barely ever. I had a bad experience at O-Charley’s with a manager at one of the locations and stopped going, for a long time. I still don’t go. For Apple-Bee’s, again I just got tired of eating there after awhile of eating their so long.

Now…my new list is very simple.

Gus’s Restaurants – Marietta Fish Market, Marietta Diner (my least favorite of the four, but still good), Cherokee Cattle Company, and Pasta Bella. These are my favorite places now. I have a preferred waiter at Marietta Fish Market, and Cherokee Cattle Company.  These places are owned by a guy named Gus, and he is one of the best owners I have met. He is down to earth, and a great owner. These places quickly became my top favorite. The two I really visit the most are the Marietta Fish Market and Cherokee Cattle Company. The rest I visit occassionally, but they are nowhere near as good as these two. Especially because of the people their, even the managers. It’s a great environment, with a great owner, and equally great food.

Chili’s – I love chili’s I explained in my “do not go list”. My how things change. I cannot get enough of this place. The people, the food, the environment. It’s currently my “all time” favorite place. At least the specific location I visit.


Well that’s about it. I might revise this list as I think of more stuff, or as more restaurant’s come to mind. It’s definitely something interesting..and maybe it can help you when trying to think of somewhere to go.  This is not all the restaurants I have been to, that’s why I said I may revise it in the future as more stuff comes to mind.

Release History


– Edited the “Do not go” list.
– Edited my “Favorite Restaurant list”
– Cleaned up some spelling and grammar.
– Cleaned up some of the formatting of the post as well.
– This is a work in progress. I will be updating this post more in the coming days/weeks. This current iteration isn’t done, so this is only a partial update for today.
– Added release history, and went back and cleaned it up.

Release Date:

– Original Version

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