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This breakdown is meant to serve as a high level fictional interpretation of the Multiverse and many worlds theory. It’s the creation Mythos I’ve written based on these theories. The idea behind these theories is that an unlimited number of different universes exist, all tied together into a much larger Multiverse, which contains infinite universes. The Multiverse is a collection of related universes. The Omniverse is a collection of all multiverses and everything within. Each universe is formed entirely randomly. Some develop in such a way as to support life, while others don’t. Some are so different from our own, that the laws in which they are governed by are not even understandable by our human minds.

  1. Universe – A singular existence. All of time and space and its contents.
  2. Multiverse – Collection of universes that are related to each other in some way. Multiple time lines, alternate dimensions and so forth.
  3. Omniverse – Collection of Multiverses. Everything that exists.



In the beginning, the Expanse was empty. All that existed within it was the Everling and his Shadow. Together, they were the source of all power and Shadow kept that power tethered to the Everling. They were together for as long as either of them could remember, just the two of them spending eternities together in the void. Over time the Everling grew lonely, and one of his biggest desires was to create things and watch these creations unfold before him. However, as he created, Shadow was consumed with jealousy and devoured anything Everling could create. This caused a rift between Everling and Shadow and they started to hate each other.

After ages of consideration, the Everling decided on a way to create something that the Shadow couldn’t devour: Everling would split his power in half. The result was a female called Mate. Together Everling and Mate played across the face of eternity, never far from one another’s side. The Shadow grew increasingly jealous and hatred boiled up inside of it. As Everling and Mate got closer, he told her about his wish to be able to freely create anything his mind could think of, but how the Shadow had always devoured those creations, thus keeping him from ever truly being able to fulfill his dreams. Shadow heard all of this, and in a rage ripped itself from Everling. Taking the power with it, as it fled across eternity.

Once they were separated the sorrow of losing Shadow almost drove Everling insane. Mate knew they needed one another to survive, so she went off into eternity to try to find Shadow. When she found Shadow, it was leaking power and slowly dying. She explained to Shadow how Everling truly felt, and Shadow weeped for not realizing sooner how much Everling had cared for it. Shadow was dying and nothing could save it. Mate knew that Everling had to see Shadow before it died, so she allowed Shadow to tether itself to her. Knowing that in the end it would destroy both of them. Shadow’s power was meant to fuse only with Everling. It wasn’t something Mate could handle, but once bonded the process was irreversible.

With Shadow, she returned to Everling. They all wept. Knowing it was too late to save Mate and Shadow, who gave Everling a dying wish. Together they used the last of their power to create the Omniverse and structure it in a way that Everling would be able to create to his heart’s desire where each creation wouldn’t affect any of his other creations. The rest of the power they had went back into Everling. Giving him the same power he had in the beginning but without Shadow as a tether.

The Omniverse took a lot of power to create but Shadow knew exactly what it was doing and made it perfect for Everling. The Omniverse itself acted as an overall container for all creations that the Everling would make. Within the Omniverse were smaller, sectioned off areas. Each one was called a Multiverse. There was an unlimited number of them. Within each Multiverse, Shadow created something called a Universe. Each Universe was created to hold whatever the Everling wanted to create. Since Everling wouldn’t always be creating the same things, each Universe allowed him to create something different.

The Omniverse held all creation. The Multiverses held all Universes within it that were similar in structure. Multiple timelines, and related Universes.

The Everling spent the rest of eternity creating everything his mind could fathom, and allowing creations to happen automatically as well.

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