I’ve spent my entire life interested in various hobbies. I enjoy writing, reading, video games, comics, and much more. Throughout all of these things I am interested in, I see that each creation is normally a self contained universe in an of itself. Some of these companies (Marvel, DC) create large Multiverses, that tie together all their universes. This entire idea has always fascinated me, and I began a lot of studies pertaining to the Multiverse theory and how other people relate to it from a fictional stand point.

With that being said, I’ve read and experienced a lot of other peoples material regarding fantasy universes, science fiction universes, and so forth. All of them have been really good and given me a lot of great experiences, but none of them were perfected to my liking. None of them had all my favorite elements. With that in mind, I set out to create my own universes.

I have 3 main universes I am working on at the moment. One of them is complete, which is The Multiverse Expanse. This is my Multiverse theory explanation. I created a backstory around an idea to tie all my universes (and others together), and this was that creation. Right now the idea is very basic, and it’s not meant to serve as a story in and of itself. It’s a basic breakdown of the multivere theory from how I decided to apply it in my writing. With that being said, in the far future I intend to write entire novels based off the Expanse going into great detail about the history of it. Much more detail than can be found in the outline of the world set.

Aside from that, I am currently writing breakdowns for two major universes. One is a fantasy universe taking ideas from many other fantasy worlds I’ve experienced. I am putting them all together into something perfect for me. I am also working on a Science Fiction universe at the same time. Both are currently under development. The science fiction universe is barely started but will receive a lot of inspiration from Mass Effect, Star Trek, and Star Wars, while putting together my own ideas into an entirely original creation.

The fantasy universe is what I am focusing the majority of my attention on right now. I’ll post more about these other worlds as they are done. The only one currently completed is the Expanse.

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