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I am a hardcore gamer. I play Video Games of all types and genre’s. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a PC game, a console game, a hand held game, or a card game. I like anything related to video games. It’s one of my hobbies, and one that I put the most time into. I also enjoy writing, because of this I sometimes write walkthroughs. All of my current walkthroughs are listed here. I have created a few that I have gotten rid of. Some of them I never ended up finishing. I am currently thinking about what game to start writing a walkthrough on. If anyone has any requests or suggestions, contact me through the contact form and let me know.

Gamefaqs has copies of all of my walkthroughs. Although, this site will contain the most updated copies. Sometimes this site will have walkthroughs that are not on
Gamefaqs yet, ones that were declined for various reasons (over saturation of walkthroughs) or ones that are not finished yet.


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