World of Warcraft (Making gold the right way)

Just for a little background, World of Warcraft is an insanely popular massive multiplayer online RPG.  I am not affiliated with them at all, or hold any copyrights to any of their material. This is just a fan posting.  Also I am not a WoW only fan. I have tried, like, and still play a variety of other Online Games as well
and don’t rate any as comparisons to wow.  I try each game individually and each online game (free or not) has their own things to bring to the market.  With that out of the way I am going to describe some simple techniques to getting a vast amount of gold in WoW.  I been playing the game for about 4-5 years and, since I have a tradesmen mentality) I have had a lot of luck saving of massive amounts of gold.  The techniques I have learned over the years are listed below.  Feel free to list your own ideas in the comments as well if you wish.

Centralized Alt

The first thing I have learned in WoW is that juggling many different characters with no real focal point can be time consuming, frustrating, and down-right annoying.  The first step I suggest towards become financially powerful in WoW is to centralize all your core characters.  This goes on to assume that you have all your characters on the same realm. The first step in this tactic for me is to use two different realms.  One realm for my Horde characters, and one realm for my Alliance characters.  I mostly play horde so I have all my horde characters on Earthen Realm.

For each one of your realms (one for horde one for alliance) leave 1 slot open for a central (generally level 1-2 character).  Create that character as whatever..give him whatever name you want.  When you first get on him send about 100g to the character.  Get a guild charter and create a guild (generally it’s really quick if you offer 10g per signature, but if your patient you can do it for a few g per signature). Once you have your guild kick everyone out.  This is going to be your focal point.  At this point go through ALL of your characters and send over every bit of gold you have on all of them that you don’t immediately need to buy something within the next 24 hours.  After you move it all over, go through and send over anything that isn’t desparate for your characters. Any Materials, weapons (BOE), sellable merchandise, or anything. Anything that is not directly needed with that character for something within the next 24 hours.  Send that all over to your character (which I will hereafter refer to as Bank Alt).

Once your done it’s time to start organizing.  You are going to need some money to invest into this process. First off buy all the slots in your characters general bank and load Netherweave bags (or something similar) into all the slots. Afterwards try to buy at least 3 (maybe 4) bank tabs for your guild bank.  This may seem like completely the opposite of what this blog post is for, but believe me the investment is infinitely worth it. IF you don’t have the money don’t worry about it, just starting saving up and working towards this as you go.  Once your entirely done then start splitting up your stuff. Antying that you think you might need to buy later for something you are using or saving up for load into different tabs.  General keep items load into one tab, and all materials or pieces of any kind you are trying to save load in another.  Keep them at the bottom two tabs. Load everything else up into your characters general bank (these are sale items). Then take ALL of your extra gold (whatever you have left from all of this and from all the character combined) and load it all into the guild bank you have.

At this point your stuff is centralized and the real process starts. The purpose of saving those items in the bank is to make sure you don’t sell them. Your guild bank stores items your going to keep and random mats.  Saving up mats means when you need them you don’t have to buy them (saving you money down the road, and/or time spent farming them.  SO if you get certain mats over stocked (30-40+) then start saving up the extra’s in your characters bank to sell later. No need in keeping more than 30-40 of each mat because 30-40 is enough for any practical use that you might be saving up for or that emergency enchant/gear/work you need it for later.

Now..the next step is to get together about 100g (or however much) and go through your general character bank for the first time. Get every single item you can and load them all up on the AH.  Everything.  Before you do this I recommend getting Auctioneer but it isn’t required. You can also use Blizzards system of loading up multiple items of the same type easily. I will explain about pricing in another section.  Go ahead and throw it all up there and clear out your entire bank.

Now it’s time to keep on track.  Go ahead and play the game a few days. Come back and when your ready check and get what has sold.  Using the money you get from sold items (not money you take out of your guild bank) go ahead and put up all the newer items that have gotten sent over from your other characters.  This is explained in a minute. When your done posting the next round of items take whatever money is left and throw it in the bank. When those sell, and you get more stuff repeat the process. This allows you to keep throwing merchandise into AH, paying for it with money you got from the previous load without touching your guild bank, and continuously filling more money into your guild bank every time you repeat the process.

Now in general. Everytime you are on a character and near a mailbox review your inventory. Any mats, materials, BOE gear that you have that you don’t actively need/want on that character at that time send to your bank alt. Every gold piece that you don’t actively need on your character within the next 24 hours send it over to your bank alt.  Then later on your bank alt take money that was sent and put it straight into guild bank, and split the items up into keep/sell and whatever your selling dump into your character bank.

Then when you repeat the process, each time you can clear your character bank you can load up items on the AH and empty it out.


Now I am going to discuss about Investments.  This is the general process of investing gold with the purpose of getting more gold back than you put in.  This can be either seeing something in AH that is a low price that you KNOW you can sell for more, or seeing what I call an emergency seller in trade. An emergency seller is someone who has something that (on that server) is worth a specific amount..but they are intentionally selling it considerably below that standard price in order to offload the item and get quick money (without having to wait for the Auction House).  This can be in the form of anything (materials, blue’s, gems, gear, anything).  These are the most important things to look out for.  This is very important. You want to make sure that whatever you invest in, leaves you at LEAST a 20 gold window for investment return.  You have to take into account Deposits, and if the sale fails on AH the first time you have to pay another deposit. I always factor in 3 times posting for deposits at 24 hours per posting into account when making an investment.  If your buying an item from someone worth 25g for 20g then generally it’s not worth taking the time to make the investment. If you have troubles selling the item you can either be stuck spending more than what you saved in deposits, or ending up having to sell the item for cheaper than what you paid for it just to get rid of it (or end up saving it up for later when you could have farmed it yourself).

I heavily recommend knowing what your buying, and the going price.  You would be surprised how often you can buy something for 300 that’s worth 500. Especially gems. A lot of gems people sell for half of their price.  This is true for any item. If you can check AH to see what the item is worth before making an investment. Although you have to be quick..really good investments tend to sell literally 5-10 seconds after they are posted in Trade or on AH. So keep an eye out for them because a few good investments could have you rolling in gold.

Never Buy Gold

Getting gold is great, but never buy it.  A lot of people get hacked right after buying and if Blizzard finds out you could lose your ENTIRE account permanently. Getting a few thousand gold quickly isn’t worth losing your entire account forever. Whether it’s tempting or not, never buy gold from any matter how reliable they may seem.  If it was hard to make money in WoW I would understand, but it’s not. That’s the purpose of this post, to help you maximize your potential at making gold in game, without risking losing your account.

Buy Bulk

A lot of times if your making an investment into something specific..try to buy as large a quantity as possible with a specific notion that your getting a discount. I f someone is selling an item that is worth 20g and he’s selling it for 15g…and for example..say he has 20 of them. Offer to buy all of them at once for that discount, with the understanding that you get an additional 5g off the entire price.  So you would buy all 20 of them for the total price of 15X20 (minute 5g for buying bulk).  This same situation can be done on anything and save you a lot of money. Same thing goes if your to lazy to farm and your trying to buy those last few mats. IF you need a mat try to buy them/farm them in bulk so you have some saved up to save you time/money/energy if you need them again. Generally if you needed them once, you’ll need them again.

Sell Value

The value of items can vary greatly.  It depends on what the item is, the supply and demand for that item, what it’s uses are, how many people are trying to sell them, how many people are trying to buy them, sometimes the season comes into play, their availability, how easy they are to get, and the server all play a major part in the general price of an item. The server makes a big difference because of supply and demand.  One item might be 20g on one server, and 150 on another. I have seen this extreme example before.  So there is no hard and fast rule for it.  The best way is to monitor the item for awhile. You’ll always see a go pattern. If you check an item on AH and there are multiple ones…you’ll notice one starts at a base price (generally what the price was) and as each new person posts, the price get’s undercut more until after awhile it flatlines at a specific amount.  I generally sell BELOW that flatline.  Enough to pay for the item, cover the deposit and still make profit, while moving inventory fast (depending on what it is).  I use Auctioneer to quickly sell gear.  It auto-picks enough about the general vendor sell price + deposit. Then I just add a few gold on top of it and generally a piece of gear will sell within 1-2 times of posting it on AH. I always make a profit way above what the vendor would give me + enough to cover all deposits and my time even handling the item.


Now were down to the nitty gritty.  Farming for a specific item will give you that item to save or sell. Running dungeons will get you a variety of items to sell + junk to sell to a vendor.  Then the question..especially when you get up in Northrend, can grant you a great deal of money just from turn ins.

In Conclusion

I hope some of these tips were helpful. If I think of any more I will add them here. If you want to share any of your own tips, feel free to throw them in the comments.

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